Official visit affirms decision for Millweard

Decommiting from Virginia Tech and committing to Arizona State, was one the most difficult things T.J. Millweard had ever done. Therefore, the quarterback found comfort in his an official visit to the Sun Devils last weekend realizing why he made that football career choice. In his first interview following his commitment Millweard sat down with Devils Digest to talk about why he pledged to ASU.

With just over three weeks following the 2011 Letter of Intent Day, the 6-5 205 T.J. Millweard became just the third member then of Virginia Tech's 2012 recruiting class.

"Early in the recruiting process they were the top school recruiting me," recalled Millweard. "I visited there and I really liked the place. I have nothing bad to say about Virginia Tech. It's a great program and a great institute.

"I don't know if there was one factor that caused me to decommit. I went through the whole recruiting process and it's obviously not only new to me but also new to my family. I didn't like the whole early commitment process but it was something I was told that I should do. We thought that this was the best thing for me at the time."

Prospects decommiting is a prevalent trend in college football recruiting, but that didn't cause the Lone Star state quarterback to feel no remorse about his change of heart.

"I have always been raised on the values that my word is my word," Millweard explained, "and that I have to stand by it. So it was very hard for me to wrap my brain around me decommiting and in a sense going against my morals. But after talking to the ASU coaches about everything I felt better about what I had to go through."

Millweard said that along with Arizona State, Arkansas and Kansas emerged as schools he was hearing from quite a bit and that were pursuing him in earnest despite his earlier choice. The quarterback did unofficially visit Arkansas and did also take an unofficial to trip to Tempe in mid-June.

"Arizona State offered me, and I thanked them," Millweard said. "I really didn't know what would all come of that. But I sent them my tapes and we started talking. We just started to get to know each other well. I really got to know (offensive coordinator) coach Noel Mazzone. There were one of the schools that came out and saw me in spring ball. I just knew that this was going to be one the schools I was going to visit early on, just by talking to the coaches and see how great they were.

"I loved it there as soon I got there. The coaches are the people that you are going to spend the most time with and I got along great with all the coaches there and that was a big factor for me. I just fell in love with the school on that visit and I knew I could see myself playing and living there."

Consequently, less than a couple of weeks later Millweard did inform the Virginia Tech and ASU coaches of his decision. He knew then that he arrived at the right conclusion and last week's official visit to the Sun Devil did nothing but reinforce that sentiment.

"It was great seeing the coaches and some of the other recruits there," Millweard stated. "I met some of the players too and just had a blast there. My sister never saw the campus and it was great that she could be there on the visit and see it too.

"We got a tour of all the facilities and the campus. It was fun having lunch with the other recruits. I enjoyed talking with the academic people about the Scholar Baller program and how they want us to excel in academics, in addition to excelling on the field. I excepted the visit to be great and I just fell in love with the school all over again. I know I made the right decision."

Millweard said that this official visit wasn't taken because of any doubt or questions he had about his Sun Devil pledge.

"I knew when I committed to Arizona State that this was a great school, and that it is a great program with great coaches," Millweard remarked. "After only watching them on T.V. at odd hours it was great to finally see a game in person and experience the atmosphere."

Witnessing an offensive explosion in a 43-22 win over USC, naturally delighted the quarterback who is convinced more than ever that the ASU scheme can fit him.

"It was great talking again to Brock (Osweiler)," Millweard said. "We talked about the game and he's just a great player to watch and learn from. After only watching tape of this offense it was nice to see them in-person and in action. The offense was really ‘on' that night and it was fun to watch.

"As a quarterback I obviously really like how much they throw the ball, but I also like how they incorporate their running backs and the wide receivers in the quick screen, and then take a shot down the field. They use all the different routes: a 5-out, a 10-out, a comeback, a post, a slant…just a wide variety and that really appeals to me."

Millweard made his decision to officially decommit from the Hokies and pledge to the Sun Devils back on June 23rd, in part so he can end the decision process early enough in the summer, concentrate on his senior year and bring the All Saints High School football team and the community which supports it a coveted Texas State championship.

Thus far, the Saints are definitely on the right track beginning the season at 5-0 and led by their quarterback who has 11 touchdowns (already matching his season total in his junior season) and four interceptions and who completed 72.3 percent of his passes (60 of 83) for 906 yards.

Truth be told, we had to research those stats because when Millweard was asked to provide them he replied: "To tell you the truth I have no idea what my stats are. The only stat that matters to me is 5-0 and that's what I'm about."

Since he has committed to the maroon and gold, Millweard admitted that schools have still been pursuing him. Nonetheless, because his head coach Aaron Beck has been acting as a "buffer" according to the quarterback he isn't entirely aware off all the schools out there trying to sway him from his ASU pledge.

"I don't know if there is any school out there coming really hard after me." Millweard commented. "Most schools just say that they have an interest and asking me if I have an interest. I just tell them ‘thank you' and that I'm very happy in the situation I am.

"I know I can't wait to get there and be a Sun Devil."

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