Brophy duo takes in ASU game

It's never too early to start thinking about the 2013 recruiting class and Phoenix Brophy's quarterback Tyler Bruggman and wide receiver Devon Allen, have both quickly emerged as some of the state's elite prospects in that class. The tandem was offered by the Sun Devils last Thursday and Devils Digest caught up with both to get their thoughts about their recruitment with the hometown team.

If you're trying to find reasons for Brophy's red hot 6-0 start, one doesn't need to look much further than the stat line for quarterback Tyler Bruggman. The 6-2 185-pound signal caller has yet to throw an interception and has completed 74 of 123 passes for 1,272 yards and 17 touchdowns.

"We expected to have a great season because we have high expectations for ourselves," Bruggman said. "Being 6-0 is the one of the goals we strived to achieve and we just take it one week at a time and just focus on next opponent and not overlook anybody."

Bruggman cites his knowledge of the game as one of his main traits and a significant factor in his development from his sophomore year where he also played on the varsity squad and was an honorable mention on the All-Region team.

"There are some quarterbacks that are 6-5 250," Bruggman said, "so what I lack in size compared to them I feel that I can make up with intelligence and making good decisions on the field. Playing varsity as a sophomore obviously benefits you because you always get better when you get more reps. Getting the timing down and getting a feel for the varsity level has really helped me pick up where I left off last year and have a good season."

The quarterback was one of several local players who attended ASU's 35-20 win over Oregon State and he was overall very impressed with the experience.

"It was great watching the game with other recruits that I knew from before," Bruggman stated. "I got to see the locker room, weight room and the training room for the first time. It was neat to see other facilities than just the stadium itself.

"I talked to (ASU offensive coordinator) Noel Mazzone before the game and he congratulated me for the offer and said he looking forward to recruiting me. He coached my head coach (Scooter Molander) in college so that's neat. Coach Bryce Erickson is the one that gave me the offer and he also told me that he was excited to recruit me."

Bruggman said that the ASU coaches did talk to him during the Sun Devils' passing league in June and recalled that they were interested in pursuing him, but since he hasn't heard much from them in the fall the Sun Devil scholarship offer caught him by surprise. Nonetheless, that doesn't take away from the affinity he has already developed towards the school.

"Both my parents went there so I grew up an ASU fan," Bruggman commented. "I love the atmosphere there and know some of the players on the team. The coaches there seem very knowledgeable and are very excited to recruit me. They seem like coaches that I can have a good relationship with.

"I love the fast pace of the offense and how they throw the ball a lot. They give the player the ball in space and let the athletes make plays and pick up yards."

Colorado State is the only other school to offer the Brophy quarterback. Bruggman attended Arizona's two recent home games and said that Wildcats along with Indiana, Penn State, Michigan State, BYU and Duke are schools that he has been hearing from a lot in recent weeks and expects to get an offer from some of those programs later this year.

Bruggman remarked that while it's too early in the recruiting process to talk about a timetable for his decision he did admit that he's leaning towards making a decision prior to the start of his senior campaign.

"I just want to make sure that I'm aware of all my options and know as much as I can about all of them," Bruggman explained. "I'm looking for the best fit as far as academics, type of offense, and relationship with coaches and players. Once I know in my heart where the right place is that is when I will make my decision. But I don't know when that will be."

Bruggman's favorite aerial target, Broncos' wide receiver Devon Allen (pictured), was offered by ASU the same day as he was and was also in attendance at Sun Devil stadium. It would be premature to label the tandem as the proverbial package deal, yet both players are certainly not opposed to continue and play together at the next level.

"Devon is a great player who makes tons of plays," Bruggman said. "Having him out there to throw to is huge. It would be great to go to the same college because it's so important to get the timing down with your wide receivers and we're obviously been on the same page all through high school. We know each other so well and it's only going to get better when we are in college two years from now."

From his perspective, Devon Allen couldn't agree more with his quarterback about the possibility of extending their playing years together.

"I would love to go to college with Tyler," Allen confessed. "That would be awesome. We do have some schools, like ASU and Colorado State that have both offered us so it kind of goes together like that. It would be fun to go together to college with Tyler."

Much like Bruggman, Allen enjoyed spending Saturday night in Tempe.

"It was pretty cool and I had a lot of fun," Allen stated. "The weight room and training room were really nice and all high quality. I love the ASU offense because it does pass a lot and it likes to go deep a lot which is good. I like their special teams too because I see myself playing there in college. I really liked the game.

"I really loved the atmosphere, the feel of the crowd and the stadium…just that feeling of a big college football game."

Allen indicated that the Sun Devils have been keeping in contact with him all throughout the summer and invited him to unofficially visit the school which he was eventually able to do Saturday night.

"It was really cool getting that call last week with an offer," Allen said. "I'm sure I'll be checking out ASU even more now. I was kind of surprised that they did offer me, but then again my dad is handing my recruiting and talking to all the schools so I don't know how much he has been talking with ASU because I was out of the loop.

"Coach Bryce Erickson is a really nice guy and fun to talk to and I'm sure I'll be talking him more. I know Jamal Miles because we were on the same track team when we were younger so I'm sure I'll be talking more to him now too. He told me how hard they work, how much of a family vibe they have there and that this is a very fun place to go to school."

Colorado State, Stanford and Duke all have offered the Brophy wide receiver. Allen indicated that he has no preference of playing in or out of state, but did admit that having nice weather such as the schools on the west coast is more appealing to him. Allen will be taking an unofficial visit to Stanford this weekend.

Through six games the 6-1 180-pound Allen has hauled in 21 receptions for 494 yards and eight touchdowns, to go along with 113 yard rushing yards and a score. As a sophomore, the wide receiver was named 1st team All-Region catching 60 passes for 915 yards and six touchdowns.

"This year I feel like I'm a better technician with the way I play," Allen explained. "I do a better job beating the press (coverage). Last year I felt like I was still learning everything and this year I have better technique. This really has helped me, more than my speed, to get separation.

"My receivers coach last year told me that if I'm going to just rely on speed everytime to get open – I won't get open, especially at the higher level. So I need to use my technique more to run good routes."

Yet, technique aside, it is Allen's speed that has naturally been a major factor in his success thus far and one that has already caught the eye of his suitors. The wide receiver reported a 40-time of 4.57, as well as a 100m wind-aided time of 10.58, a 10.75 non-wind aided time in that same distance and 21.35 in the 200m.

Allen admitted that running track in college is something that he would love to partake in along with playing football. Consequently, he said that a school such as ASU that has one of the better track teams in the Pac-12 is something that does appeal to him.

"I don't if track makes you a faster football player," Allen commented, "but I think as a football player it does help me recover quicker. My body is able to take the pounding more in the football because I do run track."

Allen said that he was undecided on whether to make his decision before his senior year or wait until sometime during that campaign or shortly after, to make his pledge.

"Academics are going to be a big part of my decision," Allen said, "So I have to decide on a major soon and that will help me make my decision based on what school has the best program for that. Obviously looking for a good campus too."

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