ASU Recruit Jason Shivers

The evidence of quickness in ASU's 2001 recruiting class is extremely apparent. So it should come as no surprise that the 100 meters high school state champion, Jason Shivers, is one of incoming Sun Devil freshmen who posses the blazing speed.

This local high school phenom safety, wanted to be a Sun Devil from a very young age. "It was my dream to play at ASU ever since I was little. I used to watch the tape delayed games at 1AM on channel 3 (remember those days?). I have a daughter here and it just seems that all the cards pointed to me staying at home and playing for ASU. When I was committed to ASU that was it. ASU was the only trip I took. I knew I wanted go there. I never looked at any other schools. However, the change at head coach did raise some doubts in Jason's mind. "I was wondering if ASU still liked me when coach Snyder got fired. I wasn't panicking or anything, but I just didn't know what was going to happen. I just played it by ear and waited to hear more information on the situation." In the end, coach Koetter and his staff were able to convince Shivers to stay home and fulfill his dream.

When asked about his extraordinary athletic ability, the safety credits his track coach for helping him achieve his speed. "I had a good coach. I was always a runner. I ran even longer distances like 400 and 800 meters. My coach used me usually put me as a plug in for any distance between 100 and 800 meters. In my senior year my coach said that this was the fun year and he was going to put me in the 100 meters, 200 meters and 100x4 relay team. I worked on the basics of running, like my start. I love to compete and I run very technical. In the state meet I was behind out of the blocks, but I never panicked and I just started passing people." Some tend to think that track speed doesn't always translate to Football speed, and Shivers understands that too. "Track speed and Football speed are two different things. In track you just run north and south. In Football you run in all four directions. It's hard to say if track speed helps you in Football, it's a lot about technique too. Players like Phillip Sparks has great technique but no blazing speed. Grass and track surface feel the same to me. It's all about the cleats (smile). I actually feel faster on grass."

In high school Shivers had diversified interests when it came to his classes. "I liked classes like woodshop and hands on classes like that. I love working on cars (right now he's working on restoring a car). I also enjoyed science classes like Biology in high school." As far as a major at ASU, his reply was "I'd like to major in business management or education so I can be a counselor" Safety wasn't the only position Shivers played in high school, but he does have his eyes set playing there when he wears the maroon and gold. "I'm looking at playing free safety right now, and maybe cornerback later on. I feel like I have a chance to play. I don't see myself redshirting, but I guess once we put the pads on we'll know how good I am. Coaches said I may have a chance to play, but you never know. I'm just gonna go with the flow."

It's hard to say who's more fortunate: the Arizona State Football team who landed the services of the fastest Football player in the state, or Jason Shivers himself who gets to live his dream playing for the Sun Devils. With his god given abilities and great mentors such as safeties Willie Daniel and Al Williams, Shivers could be restoring some other things besides old cars. He can help restore the greatness of ASU Football, which fans have been yearning for a few years. And there's nothing more rewarding than accomplishing greatness in your hometown.

Recruit Profile Name Jason Shivers

High School South Mountain, Phoenix, AZ

Position Safety

Height 6'1"

Weight 190

Date of Birth 7/4/82

Hometown Phoenix, AZ

Nickname J-Shy

Favorite TV Show Rap Videos on BET

Favorite Movie Grumpy Old Men

Favorite Singer Tupac

Favorite Food Enchiladas

Favorite Drink Dr. Pepper

Favorite Athlete Deion Sanders

Favorite Pro Team San Francisco 49ers

Person you most admire My track coach Richard Thompson. He was a father figure, who I could talk to about everything. He taught me how to run.

First Football Memory Sophomore year at high school. I was playing safety on the junior varsity team and we were practicing with varsity team. The fullback on the varsity team was a big hitter. There was a dive play and it was him and I running at each other. I didn't know how to hit then, and we both collided real loud and we both fell down. It was like a car accident. That one hit helped me become the hitter that I am now.

One Thing most people don't know about me Right now I own a small vending machine company

Why did you choose ASU? It was dream of mine

Where do you want to be in ten years? Retired (smile). If the NFL comes it comes. I'd like to own my own business.

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