Introducing the 2003 Class: Chad Green

West Coast high school cornerbacks realize that no other conference will test their attributes, as the Pac-10 will. Facing explosive offenses carried out by gun slinging quarterbacks, and blazing wideouts is a challenge these defensive players normally relish in. Fortunately for ASU, Chad Green falls into this category, and made his college commitment accordingly. DevilsDigest talked to the incoming ASU freshman who is set to embark on his Sun Devil career.

Through out his playing days in high school Green had a reputation of excelling in the marquee match-ups with blue chip receivers such as Steve Smith. Therefore, playing in the Pac-10 seemed the natural path for him. "It did come down between the SEC and the Pac-10. The SEC does more running, and in the Pac-10 I'm gonna go against the best receiver each week. So, it will be a great challenge for me, and it will test my skills and see if I can play at the next level. It will never get boring."

The No. 6 rated cornerback decided to attend ASU over LSU, and according to Green it's no coincidence that these were his final two schools. "(Former ASU Cornerbacks) Coach English knew one of the coaches in my school, so he came down the summer before my junior year to look at some seniors on my team. I guess I caught his eye in practice, and ASU was really one of the first schools to contact me during the recruiting process. They were the second school to offer me after LSU…those were two of my favorites through out the whole process. They caught my eye early, and they just stuck with me. They're the first ones to give me a chance so to speak."

Oregon State was another early suitor for his services, but conspicuously absent in the list of schools that heavily pursued him were hometown colleges USC and UCLA. Nevertheless, the pre-season SuperPrep Magazine All-American is happy to display his skills away from home. "UCLA and USC – I'm up there all the time, and I know what they have to offer. I wanted to get out of California so I can see what's out there. I guess you can somewhat say that I wanted to leave the state. But also the schools in California weren't recruiting me as hard as other schools, so that played a factor too." The incoming ASU freshman doesn't deny that another reason he'd like to play at ASU is the fact that he would love playing against his hometown schools every year. "You could probably say that I wanted to face them and prove them wrong. Also, going to ASU I'm not gonna play with somebody I played with in high school or played against. So, it's cool that I'll get to play against players like Dennis Keyes, who I played with in high school."

The cornerback was named all-valley and all-city during his junior and senior seasons. As a result, he was chosen to play in one of the most prestigious high school all-star games – the CaliFlorida Bowl. "Playing in that bowl was great. It really gives you a chance to get a little taste of college football, because you're playing with the best players in California against the best players in Florida, and a lot of big time college players usually come from those two states. Every day in practice was the best competition, and we were really getting after each other. I just had a lot of fun playing there."

Chad Green is not a person vowed by smoke and mirrors, which boded well for the Sun Devils and their recruiting approach. "R.J. Oliver was my host on my official visit. I liked how him and everybody else was down to earth. It wasn't like ‘let's show our school off and make it all glamorous.' It was more like letting the school sell itself. I got to see a lot of stuff, and everybody I met was very nice. I loved the facilities, and the weather was great. It reminded me a lot of home, and that was one of the main reasons why I chose Arizona State – it's not too far or too close to where I live right now."

Like the other cornerbacks signed by ASU, Green grew close to Coach Ron English who left Tempe to accept a job with the University of Michigan. Green appreciates all that the former coach has done for him when he was still with ASU, as well as shortly after his resignation. "Coach English always kept it real with me. He gave me information about academics, graduation rates, life on campus…just everything on what to expect as a football player at ASU. He showed me how demanding and rewarding it can be. He just kept in straight with me, and even though he gave me a lot of information he encouraged me to check the information out on my own…I actually heard about the move first from him. He was the first one to call me. He was upfront about everything, and I respected it a lot. He told me to stick with my commitment, and that really helped me."

The cornerback did admit having brief second thoughts about his commitment to the Devils, but he came to the realization that honoring his commitment was the logical thing to do. "I did have a little apprehension after he left because he was one of the main reasons I was going to ASU. But I realize that I was going to ASU because I love the school and the program. He was moving to bigger and better things for himself, and I just stuck to my commitment." The ASU coaching staff also did its part is quieting his fears. "Certainly coach Koetter did a good job there. He said that they would do the best they can to get the best person for the job. After they hired coach Ramsey, he called me right away and told me about coach Ramsey, and where he has been. He just reassured me a lot, and I from what I can tell coach Ramsey is great coach."

Green was a three-year, two-way starter for Birmingham High School. In his senior year he collected 30 tackles, five interceptions and two fumble recoveries. One of his picks went for a 103-yard score. On offense he had 48 receptions for 1,141 yards and 17 touchdowns. The cornerback gave us his own self-assessment of his skills. "I think I'm pretty good on picking up defenses and knowing how they work, and also reading offenses and knowing my assignments. My coaches tell me my cover skills are pretty good. My speed of course is another strong point (Green was clocked at 4.36). Couple things I want to work on is my size, I'd like to put on some weight and learn more about the game and get experience." It should be noted that Green was also the Los Angeles City long jump champion as a junior, and also ran in the 100M, 100x4, and 200M races. His high school was crowned the winner of the L.A. City track and field championship.

More and more incoming ASU freshmen are forgoing a summer of fun for grueling conditioning workouts in the valley of the sun. In Green's case, it seems that the sacrifice may be greater than his peers. "I'm graduating June 19 and I'll be in Tempe for the bridge program on June 23. It's kinda hard to come to ASU right after graduation, and not getting a chance to hang out with my high school friends before we all go to college. But then again, this is my career choice and what I really want to do in life, so I'm gonna make the sacrifice. It's not all that bad, I'll get through it (smile)."

Another guiding thought behind Green's decision to spend the summer in triple digit heat is his desire to contribute early at ASU. "When I look at the depth chart, I see that R.J. Oliver was the only player who has a lot of experience at corner. That kinda gives me an idea that it will be a fair competition. I just need to get myself ready mentally and physically in the summer, so I can go out there and give the coaches a reason not to redshirt me. I want to go out there and compete and really feel that I'll be an asset to the team my freshman year. So I'm gonna play my heart out to be a starter." A position that is natural for someone who enjoyed a stellar high school career.

Recruit Profile


Chad Green

High School

Birmingham HS (Van Nuys, CA)







Date of Birth



Inglewood, CA


"People just called me by my last name"

Favorite TV Show

"The Simpsons"

Favorite Movie

"Gone in 60 Seconds"

Favorite Singer

"Jay Z"

Favorite Food


Favorite Drink

"Strawberry Lemonade"

Favorite Athlete

"Charles Woodson"

Favorite Pro Team

"Tampa Bay Buccaneers"

Person you most admire

"My mom. I admire how strong she is. She's been through a lot in her live, and doesn't give up."

First Football Memory

"I broke my finger in the fifth grade. That was my first major injury. That injury got rid of the misconception that a fractured bone hurts that bad."

One Thing most people don't know about me

"I like poetry. I used to write some, but now I read more than I write."

Why did you choose ASU?

"The people. The players, coaches, football staff, academic staff…I liked everybody that works for ASU."

Where do you want to be in ten years?

"In the NFL or working as a Chiropractic."

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