Millweard remains committed to Sun Devils

Devils Digest caught up with ASU's 2012 QB pledge. T.J. Millweard, to get his reaction to the firing of Dennis Erickson and how this may affect the Fort Worth signal caller's commitment to the Sun Devils and his plans to enroll at the school in January.

DevilsDigest: T.J., what was your reaction to the firing of Dennis Erickson?

T.J. Millweard: "I was a little disappointed when it happened. I really liked him as a coach. I really enjoyed meeting with him on my visit – he's such a nice guy. But I understand that the university had to do what they thought was best for the football program."

DD: Watching the team lose four games in a row, were you surprised by that decision?

Millweard: "I'm not sure to tell you the truth. The last month was definitely rough. As an Arizona State fan and a future player, the last four games were hard to watch. They were always in there, and definitely could have and should have won each game. But sometimes in life things just don't go your way."

DD: What in specific did you see on offense in the last four games that caused ASU to go on that skid?

Millweard: "I thought they moved the ball really well each game, but had some red zone troubles. I don't think they played horribly by any means. They had penalties and penalties definitely kill drives. It happened to my high school team this year. You just have to be disciplined and not get those penalties."

DD: Have you talked to offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone this week?

Millweard: "Yes, I called him last night. This was right after it (the firing) happened so he didn't know much as to what was going to happen. I'm sure I will be calling him again. He just told me to take it one day at a time, see who the coach is At Arizona State and see if he was going to stay at the school. I guess I will just wait and see what is going to happen."

DD: On that note, where do you stand with your commitment to Arizona State right now?

Millweard: "I'm still committed for sure at Arizona State. I'm just going to take it a day at a time, see who the new coaches are, see where coach Mazzone will be at…just taking it a day at a time and see what happens."

DD: Your situation is unique compared to most of ASU's commits because you're graduating next month, and you're planning to sign your scholarship paperwork on December 21st and enroll in a school in January. How does that timetable affect your decision?

Millweard: "I'm still planning to enroll in January, but I also want to see who the new coach is before I sign. If ASU didn't have a coach by the time I can sign I really don't know, to be honest, what I'm going to do. I guess when I get to that point I'll have to make a decision. We'll just have to wait and see what happens."

DD: You probably heard that Houston's head coach, Kevin Sumlin, is the leading candidate for ASU's head coaching vacancy. Being from Texas you're obviously familiar with Sumlin's success. Therefore, if he did become ASU's next head coach how would that affect your decision?

Millweard: "Like you said I did hear that he is one of the coaches that is up for the job and I know what he has done in Houston. When you have a quarterback like Case Keenum, the whole world knows about you. I love the offense they run there and it does remind me of the Arizona State offense. I would definitely be open to coming to ASU if he were the coach, because I respect him lot.

"It would be awesome if coach Mazzone stayed too (with Sumlin being the head coach) and if that was the best situation for me then I would come there."

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