Pangos All-American Camp Report

A collection of over one hundred prominent high school stars from around the nation participated in the Pangos All-American Camp held in Cypress, California over the weekend, including numerous Sun Devil recruits, some of which will play a key element in the November signing period. DevilsDigest was at the event and has this exclusive report on the various Arizona State prospects on hand.

When I saw that over a dozen potential future Arizona State recruits were scheduled to compete at the Pangos All-American camp I figured it would be an event I'd kick myself over missing and with that in mind I cancelled my weekend plans in order to make the trip down to Cypress. Initially upon arrival, I was somewhat disappointed to see scheduled campers such as Andre McGee, Tim Pierce, Josh Shipp, and Lee Cummard absent reportedly due to various reasons ranging from injury to junior prom.

It didn't take long to get over my melancholy however, as I soon began to focus on some of the players that have been mentioned recently in regards to Arizona State recruiting that I either hadn't seen play at all, or simply not seen enough to render a verdict. Here is a run down of a number of such players, with a special emphasis on three of the primary high school point guards currently being recruited by Arizona State in the 2004 class, all of whom were in attendance this weekend.

Jason Horton- This Cedar Hill, Texas prospect is legitimately 6'2 in shoes and possesses a nice lanky build with decent size to go along with it. While the one-on-one style of this event didn't really seem to be the best environment for Horton to showcase his style as an elite-level facilitator of an offense, his immense talents were immediately apparent. Not only is Horton extremely quick with the ball in his hands in the open court, but he has a tremendous burst that seemingly comes out of nowhere and allows him to generally get around anybody. The fact that he has an excellent handle and can use either hand almost equally doesn't hurt. While he isn't particularly springy off the floor, he uses his body well in traffic and can finish with either hand.

While the form on Horton's jumper is solid, he wasn't hitting a lot of his shots and seemed to be just off from long range both Saturday and Sunday. Still, he has a remarkable ability to get the ball into the hands of open teammates and perhaps most impressive was his consistent effort and efficiency on the defensive end of the floor. Horton and his father Daryl, who coached one of the teams at the event, will be in Tempe unofficially for a visit to the Arizona State campus. They plan on being in town through Wednesday and subsequently visiting a handful of other universities unofficially throughout the month of June. A decision could come as soon as mid-July and currently Missouri and Arizona State appear to be the front-runners.

Antonio Kellogg- Physically, this Bay Area prospect is extremely well built - at least 6'2 and 190 pounds of cut muscle. Kellogg has a bevy of skills, with a nice jumper out to 20 feet and a solid handle and legitimate high-major athleticism. He's not a freakish athlete, but someone who certainly would look well in his place on the court in a major conference environment. He did have a particularly embarrassing stretch in the top 40 game Sunday in which he missed a flashy dunk attempt and then followed it up with several blown lay-ups after seemingly being rattled by the experience. Ironically, Kellogg reminds a little bit of Tron Smith in so far as his size and style of play. It must be pointed out however that Tron is springier off the floor and probably an even better shooter than Kellogg, but a backcourt featuring both players would be intriguing due to the strength, shooting ability and versatility each possess. While Kellogg is being recruited by most of the schools in the Pac-10 excluding Arizona, Stanford, UCLA and USC, there are reports that his academic situation may prove to be a factor in his recruitment. Unfortunately, it was ultimately a little difficult to accurately gauge just how good Kellogg is, as he was unluckily placed on arguably the worst and most selfish team in the event.

Enrico Tucker- A two-sport star who also has excelled on the football field at running to the tune of several Pac-10 scholarship offers, Tucker has decided to give up playing football and instead concentrate on basketball full time. Last year, Tucker committed very early to the University of San Diego before backing off of that pledge and re-opening his recruitment. A spectacular athlete with a 44 inch vertical and extraordinary quickness, at 6' Tucker has always possessed the physical tools necessary to play at the highest level, but his leadership and decision making skills have been questionable. As a result, many national analysts have projected Tucker as a mid-major prospect.

In this event however, Tucker seemed to play relatively under control and inclined to attempt to create scoring opportunities for his teammates. If this is a trend that continues, I see no reason why Tucker won't be able to play at the high major level, especially when factoring in the relentless on-ball pressure he displays defensively. With opinion of Tucker varying greatly it appears that a wide range of schools are interested from the West Coast Conference level on up through Gonzaga, Minnesota and Arizona State. There are even recent reports that Gonzaga has recently stepped up and offered Tucker a scholarship. If Tucker is able to put together a strong summer with the ultra-talented California Pump ‘n Run team, it could go a long way toward improving and/or solidifying his stock.

In addition to these three point guards, there were two wings that participated in the event from the 2004 class that are receiving at least some mentionable level of attention from Arizona State.

Ty Morrison-Unquestionably one of the strongest and most athletic players in the event, Morrison is an impressive physical specimen and an interesting prospect indeed. While he is very athletic in a linear fashion, Morrison appears somewhat stiff and more limited when moving laterally. Flexibility may be an issue here, as Morrison's body has undergone a significant strengthening and sculpting in the past year. He is now extremely strong and defined in the upper body, and it's almost become a question as to whether or not he'll be able to play on the wing defensively at the high major level. At about 6'7 Morrison may be forced to play inside at the next level and that could limit how high he climbs up the ladder. Another potential impediment is his reportedly shake transcript. It's something that he's apparently taken steps to deal with, but may still be somewhat of an issue when it comes to whether or not he gets scholarship offers at the high major level. Still, Arizona State has met with Morrison on campus unofficially in the past and there is some level of interest there. He's also being recruited by a number of colleges in the West including Oregon State out of the Pac-10.

Curtis Allen- This 6'4 wing out of Rolling Hill Prep in the Los Angeles area had been an early commit to USC for quite some time before recently being turned loose. Apparently it was somewhat mutual with Allen realizing he'd likely struggle for minutes being players such as the Stewart twins, Lod and Rod, and fellow 2004 commit, Gabriel Pruitt who at 6'4 is widely considered to be one of the best wings on the West Coast in the class.

Allen is a player who showed quite a bit of promise early in his high school career but has become stagnated somewhat in his recent development. It's not really a question of his athleticism, as he has nice quickness, agility and explosion, but he just doesn't seem to have the skill set necessary to compete at the highest college level. At one point last summer, Allen was ranked by PrepWestHoops as the second best small forward in the West in 2004, but it's expected that he'll slide down the list quite a bit in the next update. Even so, with his nice frame and natural athleticism, Allen could make a rapid ascent back up the list with a good showing this summer. With that in mind, expect Arizona State to keep a close eye on him now that it appears Allen won't end up at USC.

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