Q&A with D.J. Foster

Practicing on his high school football field as he prepares for the Jan. 2nd Semper Fi All-American Bowl, Scottsdale Saguaro's D.J. Foster feels right at home. That is the same sentiment that Foster is looking for as he tries to settle on the college of his choice next month. Devils Digest caught with the state's Player of the Year to talk about the Semper Fi Bowl experience and his recruitment.

Devils Digest: How does it feel to be part of the first ever Semper Fi All-American Bowl being played here in your own backyard?

D.J. Foster: "I'm having a great time so far, meeting a lot of different talented players from all over the country. It's very cool that we can all come together as a team and be on the same page. It's fun practicing on my high school field using my old locker and I can help out the players that aren't familiar with the field.

"I'm just really having fun meeting new people and getting coached by different people."

DD: Some players use these type of All-American Bowl games to prove a point or make a statement. What are you trying to achieve in this game?

DJS: "I just want to compete against the top players in the country and play with the best of the best. I think it's cool just meeting new people, learning different things from new coaches and just having fun out there."

DD: You obviously had an outstanding senior year at Saguaro scoring 60 touchdowns and having over 3,200 yards rushing and receiving. Looking back to your accomplishments, is this what you expected to achieve last year or were you surprised by the numbers you put up?

DJS: "I went into the season playing quarterback so I didn't know what to expect. Then our quarterback Luke (Rubenzer) really stepped up and played tremendous last year. So I was just going with the flow all year, trusting the coaches…my only goal was for us to win the state championship which we did and I didn't care how many yards or touchdowns I got. So I'm happy we got that done and it was cool to get all the (honors) that came with it."

DD: You talk about playing quarterback at the beginning of your senior season, and here you are at the Semper Fi Bowl practice taking snaps again, even though you're listed on the roster as a wide receiver. The majority of your yards and touchdowns in your senior year came from the running back position and you also played some safety in high school. You have made it clear that you want to play on offense at the college level. Can you talk about that decision?

DJS: "I personally like playing running back, but I like playing the slot back too. I don't care getting moved around on offense and doing what is best for the team, and I think that I'm the most effective when I have the ball in my hands which is why I want to play on offense."

DD: Some high school players really relish in the whole recruiting process and love all the attention that comes with it. But being that you are a humble, low-key person, and someone who wanted to end this recruiting process a while ago, how hard has it been for you?

DJS: "It has been tough getting all this attention, but my family and friends have been very supportive, helping me out. They always tell me to stay humble, look at it as a process and experience that you just have to take all in. Like you said, I did want to end (the process) earlier in the year and now it feels a little like I'm starting it all over again. But it's something that I have to do and I'm going to try to enjoy it."

DD: Arizona State is the school that you wanted to commit to earlier in the year, and now with the coaching change you put things on hold. How much contact have you had with the new head coach Todd Graham and his staff, and how can their scheme suit your skills?

DJS: "I have exchanged emails with the new coaching staff and after the dead period is over I'm planning to meet with them in-person. I know that they will run a spread offense and that the running back will be used a lot, so that is definitely a good thing there. My dad has talked to them and said that he really liked the conversations he has had with them. So, I'm looking forward to meeting them in-person and see what happens from there.

"You obviously want to get along with your coaches, but if I go to ASU it's also about being close to your family and friends. That's going to be part of the decision too. If I stayed in-state it would be more because of my friends and family. I also have a lot of high school teammates at ASU like Danny Clark who's my best friend, Jordan McDonald, Kody Kobensky and other guys I played with at Saguaro. They obviously want me to come down there, and they give you the inside scoop and tell you what it's really like to play for Arizona State and that can help my decision too."

DD: You visited California earlier in the month and had a good experience there. Can you talk about how the Bears now fit into your recruiting picture?

DJS: "I loved my visit there, and there are a lot of Cal commit here (at the Semper Fi Bowl) that are talking about the school. I really like the whole coaching staff there, I have family in Oakland that are really close to me and can come see me whenever."

DD: I know USC is a school that has been recruiting you for a long time and just lately you have been considering them as an option. When do you plan to visit them?

DJS: "I'm visiting them on January 13th and they are supposed to be having a bunch of prospects coming in that weekend. I wasn't interested in them a lot and coach (Joe) Barry has recruited me really hard all year and showed how much they wanted me, so I'm going to check them out. One of my other best friends, Cyrus Hobbi, plays there too and has good things to say about the school. So I'm looking forward to getting to know them too."

DD: What factors are you're going to look at when it's time for you to make your final decision and when do you expect to make that decision?

DJS: "I'm going to decide after my trip to USC. I'm looking for a school that I feel most comfortable with. It's really about staying home or going to a California school. It's something that I will talk to with my family and see what is best for me."

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