Team must persevere without Lockett

It seems that this season what can go wrong will go wrong for ASU. Junior Trent Lockett is currently leading the team in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and shooting over 60% from the field after stepping into Keala King's point guard position only four games ago. Yet, he sprained his ankle with only ten minutes left in last week's win against Oregon State and will be out for at least 10 days.

The Sun Devils will be making their way to Colorado this Thursday, and although Lockett will be traveling with the team, he is not expected to play for some time.

"Trent right now is unlikely, in the foreseeable future, but we will continue to evaluate him on a day by day basis." Said head coach Herb Sendek. "Obviously that's a significant loss for our team. No one player can make up for his absence. We're going to have to do it collaboratively."

Sendek continuously praised Lockett on his great attitude and ongoing leadership skills on and off the court.

"Even yesterday in practice while he was wearing a boot and on crutches he was bouncing around and offering his support and encouragement," Sendek stated, "and teaching to the players. It was like having another coach at practice. We expect him to give us the best leadership possible, even if he's not playing. He's clearly established himself as the voice of our team."


In Lockett's absence, the team will be expecting Chris Colvin (who will be replacing Lockett in the point guard position) and Chanse Creekmur to play a bigger role while the junior is sidelined. With their strong performance in ASU's last contest, the duo has certainly something to build on.

Colvin was struggling in a major way on a and off the court, being suspended for two games, but when called upon to replace Lockett at the point he was able to perhaps play his best game of the season.

"It was almost disastrous and then for him to go in the game with a little over ten (minutes) to go," Sendek recalled, "fiercely contested and play the way he did, is a remarkable turn around and it's a real credit to him on how he was able to refocus and re-center himself and kind of just let everything else go.

"I thought that was tremendous and nothing short of remarkable."

Sendek is also pleased with Creekmur's recent shooting improvements, "Chanse is in a great place right now," Sendek commented. "He's shooting 60% from the three. He is shooting 65% from the field. Chanse has expanded his range of spots on the court. He's shooting the ball exceptionally well and he's playing a lot of minutes."

"I was just in a slump at the beginning of the year," Creekmur said. "Shooters go through slumps. My confidence is up right now so it's always good to shoot confidently."


At 11-6, 3-2 in the Pac 12 The Colorado Buffaloes will prove to be a worthy competitor for ASU. Andre Roberson may be their greatest opponent because of his rebounding skills.

"He's a great rebounder. He leads our conference. From what we hear he's very high on the NBA scouts list right now. They're a talented team. They're really good at home. We're just going to have to battle and know where he is and try to get a body on him. Some guys just have a knack, a sixth sense for getting the ball. He's one of those guys.

"It's not a function of instruction or coaching or some detailed laboratory formula, some guys get the ball no matter how big they are and other guys can't find the ball even if you tuck it in their shirt."


Even with the recent adversities that Arizona State has faced, Sendek expects a lot from the Sun Devils not only this coming weekend, but for the rest of the season.

"What I try to do more than any other point since I've been a coach is coach Arizona State and focus on us. All the teams we play are well coached and well prepared and they all have nice gyms and good players. I find that our team demands all of me. So I'm really focused on Arizona State from the time I get up till the time I go to bed."

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