ASU Recruit Hakim Hill

The ASU Football tradition is a rich one. The NCAA and the NFL Hall of Fames have an impressive Sun Devil representation. Another way this tradition is manifested, is when the second generations of ASU greats choose to follow in the footsteps of their fathers, such as incoming freshman Hakim Hill.

"Ever since I was little my dad wanted me to come to school here." Recalls the freshman running back who is the son of ASU great J.D. Hill. "I remember when I was 3 I had pictures with Sun Devil helmets and jerseys on." The Sun Devils weren't far from losing the recruiting battle over the Iowa City graduate to two-time national champion Nebraska. "I was committed to Nebraska. But after I looked into my past, and the fact that my dad is an ASU hall of famer here, I realized that he never had a son go here to ASU. I knew that coming here is where I need to be." There were however other factors that swayed Hakim towards the maroon and gold. "Although, Nebraska is the best team in big 12 and a national powerhouse. It didn't feel warm to me, as far as the coach-player connections. I didn't feel like you could just have a conversation with the staff like you have here at ASU. I have a lot of family here in Phoenix, and I'm a family type of guy. Sometime I need to go to a place where I can get a home-cooked meal or have someone do my laundry. (smile)"

In a quirky kind of way, meeting fellow Arizona State freshman Daryl Lightfoot on their mutual Nebraska recruiting trip was another reason why Hill committed to his father's alma mater. "When I went on that trip, I had an instant bond with Daryl. I called him AZ because he's from Arizona, and calling him Lightfoot just seemed weird (smile). He came over to the Cornhusker hotel in shorts and it was like 50 below. So I had to get him some sweatpants and sweatshirt. We made a deal that we would both go to the same college." Hill plans to major in broadcasting at ASU at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. "It seems like an interesting field. Daryl Lightfoot chose that major too. I think we would be a good duo on TV (smile)."

Hill will be a major boost to a running back core who's two of it stars, Delvon Flowers and Tom Pace; will have exhausted their eligibility after this season. When asked about his skills, Hakim replies, "My strengths are my speed and power. Everybody in my family is a receiver, so I do have the quickness and the good hands catching from the back field." Seeing early playing time may be hard for Hill to achieve, which is just fine with him. "If the coaches want to redshirt me that's fine. I'm going to go with the coaches on their decision. If the coaches want me to contribute to the team by being on the field, I'll be there."

Sometimes a measure of a recruit's potential is whom were the schools competing for his services. The fact that the Sun Devils have snatched Hakim Hill from a school such as Nebraska could be a good indication that ASU has landed their next great running back in the mold of Mario Bates and J.R. Redmond. Aside from the quality running back ASU has landed, the fact that J.D. Hill's son will be a Sun Devil is a very pleasing linkage between Arizona State's glorious Football past to its (hopefully glorious) present and future.

Recruit Profile

Name Hakim Hill

High School IowaCity HighSchool, Iowa City, Iowa

Position RB

Height 6'0"

Weight 205

Date of Birth 6/14/82

Hometown Sacramento, CA (grew up in New York, and lived in Iowa the last six years)

Nickname Dream (has that tattooed on his shoulder)

Favorite TV Show Inside The NFL

Favorite Movie The Program

Favorite Singer Tupac

Favorite Food Steak

Favorite Drink Poweraid

Favorite Athlete Eddie George

Favorite Pro Team Tennessee Titans

Person you most admire Jackie Robinson. He went through a whole lot of stuff to pave the way for African-American athletes.

First Football Memory I was six years old, playing schoolyard Football with my brothers. My brothers saw one of their friends get hurt, and they were afraid for me. One of brothers said that he was going to pitch the ball to me, and should just run. So I'm running scared with ball, and I turn around and see everyone behind me. I guess I was pretty fast back then (smile)

One Thing most people don't know about me I love classical music and going to operas. I like Broadway musicals.

Why did you choose ASU? It just felt like home

Where do you want to be in ten years? I want to be comfortable. I want to have a comfortable job, with a wife and a couple healthy kids. I want to make in the NFL, because everybody in my family has made it there and I don't want to be the first one not to. But being a good family man is important to me too.

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