Long Beach Poly commits report on ASU visit

Nearly half of ASU's official visitors this week were the quintet of players from Long Beach Poly High School who have also been Sun Devil pledges since last spring. ASU caught up with four of those players, Josiah Blandin, Richard Smith, Salamo Fiso and Randall Goforth to get their impressions of their trip to Tempe this past weekend and their recruiting status with Arizona State.

"Oh my gosh I loved that visit," exclaimed Josiah Blandin. "It really couldn't have been better. I was hosted by Kevin Ozier and I already knew a lot of people on the team. It was fun hanging out with them showing us around all the new places. It (Tempe) is just the best place to be.

"We were riding on a bunch of golf carts and they were showing us the library, the MU (Memorial Union), the dorms which were great because you have your own pool and basketball court…it was just great."

The 6-4 185-pound wide receiver was equally excited about the offensive scheme that new head coach Todd Graham and his staff will run in Tempe, and how that system can suit Blandin's skills.

"I sat down with coach Graham, the offensive coordinator coach (Mike) Norvell and the wide receivers coach (DelVaughn) Alexander and they all told me the same thing," Blandin commented. "They are going to try and put me on the inside and once I get more size on me I can make plays against linebackers with my quickness it would also be a mismatch with the safeties. They really want to move me all around the field so I can make plays.

"The offense, the way they put it all together, it really works around what the defense shows you. You run three, four routes and the safety or the linebacker has to commit to one receiver leaving another one open. In this scheme no matter what, on each play someone is always open."

Blandin said that the visit just re-affirmed his pledge to Arizona State that much more and the same can be said for his Jackrabbit teammate, Richard Smith.

"The visit went really well," said the 5-9 161-pount Smith. "I had a good time hanging out with the players and my host, Alden Darby, and they showed us a good time. The tour of the campus was outstanding. The coaching staff was awesome and I really enjoyed it.

"I was really impressed how much the people there are into football and care about the team."

Linebacker Salamo Fiso shared the same sentiments about the visit and said that his mother who accompanied him on the trip enjoyed it as well.

"She and I really enjoyed the academics part of the visit," Fiso described. "Hanging out with my host, Toa Tuitea, and all the players was really cool. That was the most impressive thing to me besides the academic part."

The 6-1 215-pound Fiso also had a chance to sit down with the Sun Devil staff and examine the defensive scheme that will be implemented this year and how it can benefit his strengths.

"The coaches like my aggression," Fiso described, "and the passion that I play with. They also like my instincts."

Fiso said that while he is "solid" with his pledge that he plans to visit Hawaii on Friday. Last weekend the linebacker visited Washington, and was joined by Long Beach Poly athlete Randall Goforth, who also concluded his visit to Tempe on Sunday morning.

"It was great meeting the new coaching staff," Goforth said. "My whole deal coming on this visit was to check out the new coaching staff and I really like what I saw and what I felt from them. They are really good people.

"This visit really opened my eyes to a lot of new things that I didn't see before. It was a very productive trip."

The 6-0 175-pound Goforth said that the staff could see him playing either as a cornerback or a wide receiver and like the traits he brings to the table.

"The coaches told me that I'm a real explosive player," Goforth stated. "They also said I'm an impact player that can come in and help the team right away. They like my vision and my quickness too."

Goforth said that he still considers himself a soft verbal to ASU and that his recruitment is very much an ongoing process for him. The Jackrabbit standout visited Washington last weekend and still plans to visit UCLA this weekend.

"To be honest everything is still up in the air," Goforth admitted. "I really like all three schools so it will be a hard choice. I'm just going to sit down and talk to my family and my friends and see what is best for me.

"It would be great if all five of us would go to the same school because we would love to play with each other. But at the same time, if it happens it happens, and if it doesn't it doesn't. We all have to do what is best for us. Hopefully we will all see each other at the next level."

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