Bercovici excited for personal, team future

Amid the arrival of a new coaching staff, and departure of starting quarterback Brock Osweiler, sophomore Mike Bercovici realizes the opportunity that lies ahead and is looking forward to what the future holds for himself, as well as his squad who is now under the tutelage of Head Coach Todd Graham.

"We all have an equal opportunity here," Bercovici stated concerning the much anticipated quarterback battle in spring practice. "Eubank and Kelly are two of my good friends; they push me to get better. Yeah, I'm competing with them, but I'm competing with them like a national championship quarterback, and I feel very prepared."

With new head Coach Todd Graham at the helm, it seems as though ASU football has already experienced some major changes. The intense practices, on top of implementing discipline, has the team excited for what's to come.

"It feels like a completely different program," Bercovici admitted. "The biggest thing that he [Coach Graham] says, is he's going to be honest with you. The head coach is a reflection of the whole team, and he definitely gives a good impression."

Aside from stricter rules, Coach Graham and his staff plans to bring a much quicker tempo offense, something ASU has somewhat lacked in previous seasons.

"For both last season, and this season being no-huddle offenses, this is going to be a much more high-tempo offense," Bercovici explained. "We have a lot more true triple option game, but we're still getting the ball to the perimeter, which is the goal. We have a lot of similar guys in every position. We have a great offensive line who is working together as a unit; our skill receivers and our running backs... we have great depth in every area.

"It's going to look similar; but not as many bubble screens obviously, but it's going to be real exciting."

Bercovici is more than pleased with the addition of offensive coordinator Mike Norvell to the coaching staff, and is ensured daily that the fight for the quarterback spot will be a fair one and will enhance his skills in the process.

"Coach Norvell truly makes us better," Bercovici commented. "He's done a great job at giving us equal reps and equal attention."

Both Bercovici and Kelly are entering their sophomore year, while Eubank is a freshman. Although Bercovici does not consider his year of experience a huge advantage over Eubank, but credits his maturity to what he learned his freshman year, and the limited minutes he was able to play under Osweiler.

"You can't stimulate game experience," Bercovici stated. "I remember my first time going out there during the UC Davis game. My eyes were as big as my head! It feels good to know that's underneath my belt."

Bercovici admits there are areas he must improve on, but plans on giving 110% in these aspects to ensure he can be the best player he can be when his name is called despite the challenges that he may face.

"I never realized how important it is to have run fundamentals," Bercovici said. "I pride myself in having good feet in the pocket, and rolling out. But inside zone foot work is a lot more complex than I thought. I've really been working on that, as well as my overall vertical speed. We're running the ball a lot more as QBs, but it's definitely something I'm prepared for. It's fun to run the ball once in a while".

All eyes this spring appear to be on the quarterback battle, and Bercovici said that he not only welcomes that attention but believes that it can only make him better.

"There's always going to be pressure, but I live for pressure," Bercovici claimed. "That's why I play this position. Everyday I come out here and compete with myself, and I compete with my teammates. I have the greatest team in the entire country. If anything goes wrong they pick me up.

"This is my favorite thing in the world to do, and I'm happy to be out here".

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