New ASU experiences for Cox

With the frequent trips Chans Cox has been making from his Lakeside, Ariz. home to Tempe this year, it probably should come as no surprise that the four-star linebacker spent some of his spring break at ASU. Cox got to witness for the first time a spring practice and a scrimmage under new Head Coach Todd Graham, and he spoke to Devils Digest about this eye opening visit.

"It was awesome seeing them practice and scrimmage," Cox said. "On Thursday, I got to be in the team meeting, and also the special teams' meeting. You could tell that the coaches are very serious about special teams. Then I went to the linebackers' meeting with Coach West and it was great to see how intense he was teaching the linebackers about technique and their assignments.

"When I was in the linebackers' meeting and saw what they were running I really could see myself fitting into that scheme. They said that if I came there I would play outside linebacker that at times would also be like a defensive end. I would have a great opportunity to blitz from that spot."

Once he left the meeting room, it was time for Cox to experience his first ever practice under Graham and once again intensity seemed to be the proper adjective to describe what the linebacker was witnessing.

"It's a totally different atmosphere seeing them run practice at a higher pace," Cox remarked. "I love seeing how disciplined everything was and that was a real eye opener right there. I really liked it.

"This defense is really set up for the linebackers to make plays and that's great. I was talking to Brandon Magee and he loves the new scheme and the new atmosphere the team now has. It was awesome talking to him because he's a great guy and such a great linebacker."

Watching the team scrimmage at Sun Devil stadium on Saturday capped off the linebacker's unofficial visit, and gave Cox further perspective into the linebackers' play.

"I love how they call their plays on defense," Cox said. "It's almost like a no-huddle on defense. I loved watching that and the way they coach up their linebackers. It was great to see what a game day experience would look like. The team can obviously improve but to watch the new coaches and how it would be like on the sidelines during a game was a great experience. You can tell that the intensity level is much higher than it used to be.

"Playing with a lot of intensity and discipline is something I'm looking for in a program and Coach Gram has obviously been instilling all of this since he got there. That in my opinion will turn this program around and I'm really excited to see that."

Visiting the Sun Devils a handful of times now since the beginning of year, has naturally given Chans Cox a plethora of information about the program and the school. His most recent visit has done nothing but enforce his feelings towards Arizona State who are high on his list.

"ASU is definitely one of the top schools for me now," Cox admitted. "Nothing against the old staff, but when they were there ASU wasn't really on my list. But now they are definitely one of my top schools.

"Arizona State, Notre Dame, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Boise State and Washington are (in no particular order) my favorite schools right now. That's where I'm at right now and when I choose a school it will probably be from that list, unless I would get an offer from a new school that I would really want to look into."

Cox is still recovering from off-season shoulder surgery which has kept him out various combines and will limit him in Blue Ridge High School's upcoming spring practice.

"I'm probably 80 percent healthy right now and just last week I got discharged from physical therapy," Cox said. "I'm able to lift some on my own but I'm not totally back to 100 percent lifting. I probably won't be able to go live in spring practice, but I will be able to so some drills and 7 on 7 passing drills."

Cox added that he will try and attend ASU's spring game on April 21st, as well as come to the school's summer camp in June as an observer.

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