ASU Recruit Daryl Lightfoot

Very few Phoenix area high school players received more attention this year than Daryl Lighgtfoot. Many ASU fans closely followed his recruiting endeavors. He was a prize recruit whose every move closely followed during the recruiting period.

Former ASU coach Bruce Snyder did offer a scholarship early to Lightfoot, and the Maryvale high school star was flattered. "I didn't think other colleges were coming after me, so I was happy that ASU offered me a scholarship." These days high school talent rarely escapes the eyes of recruiters, and as Lightfoot's illustrious high school Football career progressed, the scholarship offers came from all around the country. After a visit to Nebraska, it was rumored that Daryl Lightfoot would commit to the Huskers, but that never happened. "I was never committed to Nebraska. All I said it that I liked my visit there very much. I was actually closer committing to Oregon. Other schools I considered were Oregon State, USC, U of A, Tennessee, and Michigan."

While many players who committed under coach Snyder had second thoughts about becoming Sun Devils when coach Koetter took over. Nevertheless, for Lightfoot it was a blessing. "Even though I committed to ASU under Snyder, his conservative offense turned me off. It was easy for me to commit to ASU under coach Koetter because of the wide-open offense scheme that he has." There were other reasons for his decision to wear the maroon and gold, and some of them are more compelling. "I decided to stay home and go to ASU mostly because of my Mom and my daughter. I love to party, but my priorities have changed with my daughter. Other reasons I came to ASU were my friendships with Cornell Candidate and Hakim Hill (both ASU recruits as well). I know Candidate from playing against him in high school. I met Hill when we both visited Nebraska. Back them we made a pact that we would play at the same school. Another reason that I wanted to play at ASU is because I didn't want to start over, and get used to a different city and surroundings."

It should come as no surprise that Daryl Lightfoot was recruited as an athlete. After all, he played many positions in his Football career "I like the running back position the most, but it doesn't matter where I play. With my weight I'm not the type of running back to run between the tackles. I would be better as a wide receiver or a 3rd down RB. ASU recruited me as a running back but also told me that I would play wide receiver and maybe even cornerback. They also plan on putting me as a kick and punt returner. Wherever I can play is fine with me. I just want to be on the field." When asked specifically about his skills, Lightfoot said: "My strengths are agility, quickness, and making people miss. My Weakness right now is my weight. I'm under my ideal weight because of the conditioning program I'm going through with the team. I do plan to add more pounds so I can be at my ideal weight."

The Maryvale star was one of a handful of ASU recruits who participated in the 5A/4A All Star Football game. While some players may see this game as an unwanted choir, Lightfoot welcomed the challenge. "The game it meant a lot to me, especially being voted the MVP. The All-Star team I played for didn't win for 13 years, and my coach reminded us of that in the days before the game. With all the good players on the team I wasn't sure how they were gonna use me. I was actually the 2nd RB behind Mike Bell and I was the starting WR. I'm real proud of my defensive work in that game. I had great game against WR Junior Taylor. The quarterback of the other team Chad Christensen (another ASU recruit) was throwing away from me the whole time."

Speed is a defining characteristic of many of the new Sun Devil recruits. Daryl Lightfoot is delighted to be associated with a team who has so many players with the same athletic abilities as is, and welcomes the competition for playing time. "I'm happy that a lot of speedy guys were recruited by ASU. It's good competition for all of us for playing time, and that will make all of us better. It will also make defenses harder to defend against us with all these speed guys. Coaches told me that they don't want me to redshirt. I wouldn't be disappointed if I redshirted, it can only make me a better player."

One quick look at the list of schools who were vying for the services of Daryl Lightfoot, and it's easy to realize how fortunate the Sun Devils are to land him on their squad. Head coach Dirk Koetter is one who prefers to redshirt the vast majority of incoming freshmen. Thus, the fact that he's seriously considering not redshirting Lightfoot is another ringing endorsement of this ASU recruit. Lightfoot's talents are suitable to the high octane and innovative offense fans are expecting to see from coach Koetter, and this fun loving gifted athlete is ready to answer the call and instill some excitement into the ASU's offense.

Recruit Profile

Name Daryl Lightfoot

High School Maryvale High School, Maryvale, AZ

Position ATH

Height 5'9"

Weight 170

Date of Birth 6/24/82

Hometown Phoenix

Nickname D-Light

Favorite TV Show Martin

Favorite Movie The Program

Favorite Singer Memphis bleek

Favorite Food Mom's Tostadas

Favorite Drink Blue Kool Aid

Favorite Athlete Alan Iverson

Favorite Pro Team Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Person you most admire My mom. She taught how to believe in myself, and not be too hard on myself.

First Football Memory I was 13 and it was my first game. My mom was worried I would get hurt. I went on and scored 7 touchdowns that game.

One Thing most people don't know about me People think I'm conceited but I'm not that type of person

Why did you choose ASU? My mom and daughter

Where do you want to be in ten years? Playing in the NFL or working in the broadcasting field (my major at ASU)

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