Williams favoring Sun Devils

Prior to his unofficial visit to ASU this past weekend, recruiting was progressing quite well with Jack Williams. By the time the 2014 West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade forward left Tempe his sentiments towards the Sun Devils grew tenfold as he received a scholarship offer and is now favoring the school over his other suitors.

"It was a good visit," Williams said. "I got to tour the whole campus, the arena and the practice facility which was amazing. It's only two years old so it still looks brand new and they got a great weight program over there.

"Coach Pera is recruiting me and I really get along well with him and the rest of the coaches. He is a really nice guy and I love his demeanor and attitude."

Even though Arizona State has been following Williams all throughout his sophomore year, the forward admitted that he was somewhat surprised that the Sun Devils offered him a scholarship while on his visit.

"I wasn't really expecting it too much," Williams stated. "It's maybe something I was expecting to get in the future but not during the trip."

Williams remarked that when sitting down with the ASU coaches they discussed the team's style of play and recruiting philosophy, and that conversation did leave a deep impression on him.

"Coach Sendek said that the offense that he runs does adapt to the personnel they have," Williams said. "The fact that don't have one set offense impressed me because you can't always run the same scheme when you have different type of players. He also said that they are recruiting different type of players now, because they had brought in some players that ended up not being a good fit that left the program.

"They are now going to recruit players with toughness and good character that can be role models on and off the floor. That really impressed me."

The 6-8 185 Jack Williams, who is projected to grow to 6-10 in the next couple of years, reported sophomore season averages of 15 pgg and 15.3 rpg, and commented that his aggressiveness was very appealing to the ASU staff.

"I led my league in rebounding so that's one skill they really like about me," Williams said. "I have a good jump shot on the high post. They think I bring a lot of energy on the offensive boards, play pretty good defense and am overall a hard worker. When the game is over my jersey is always dripping wet.

"The coaches think I'm a pretty versatile player too."

Williams mentioned that Colorado has offered him a couple of months ago, and that he is scheduled to take an unofficial visit to Boulder in the summer. Boston College and USC are some other schools recruiting him in earnest these days. He said that he didn't expect to make a decision until next year, but did confess that ASU is now topping his leaderboard.

"They're definitely my number one school," he said of ASU, "number two Colorado and number three is Boston College. I'm trying to stay as much as I can close to home so that's another reason why Arizona State is my top choice right now. I also really like their campus life, their dorms, athletic facilities…I just really like a lot of things about that school.

"I'm planning to go out to ASU again in the summer and also go in the fall during one of the football games. I do want my mom to see it this time, because it was just my dad and me this past weekend."

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