Introducing the 2003 Class: Brandon Rodd

Following the 2002 recruiting season, Coach Dirk Koetter pledged to make a conscious effort to recruit in Hawaii. Sure enough, this year's class features one of the best offensive linemen in that state: Brandon Rodd. In this exclusive DevilsDigest interview, the incoming freshman talks about his recruitment with the Sun Devils, playing in the mainland and other topics.

Timing is a crucial element in recruiting. However, when pursuing Rodd, the Sun Devils got a late start and unlike other instances were rewarded despite being one of the last suitors for the lineman's services. "The first time ASU contacted me was early December." Says the 2002 and 2001 all-state football selection. "Until then Oregon, Washington State, Hawaii, and San Diego State were the only schools I was considering…all those schools offered me a scholarship. Washington State was going to offer too, but didn't because of the coaching change. If I didn't go to ASU, I'd probably go to San Diego State."

Even though the Devils were late arriving, the Aiea High team captain appreciated the effort put forward by its coaches. "When ASU contacted me it's like they apologized for contacting me late. Once they made that first contact they called me all the time, and they pushed hard to get me. They showed they wanted me bad." Another important aspect of recruiting are the personal relationships between the coach and the player. Judging by Rodd's words, this facet was crucial in landing him in Tempe. "I liked Coach Monachino (who recruits the Hawaii region). He was real cool and down to earth. He told me everything about the school. You know how sometimes you talk to people and get a good vibe? That's what I felt when I talked to him."

So impressed was the offensive lineman that he was ready to make Tempe his only official visit. However, he was advised against it. "When ASU contacted me I was ready to drop the other schools that were recruiting me, but my mom told me to be open minded and take all my trips. I took visits to Oregon, San Diego State, and Hawaii. ASU was my last trip. When I went to Oregon, I knew I wouldn't go there because of the weather and because it looked old fashion. Hawaii was fun, but everybody can go there. San Diego was nice, but ASU was nicer."

With his mind literally made up Rodd made the trek to the Valley of the Sun. He states that the visit was as great as his expectations. "Tim Fa'aita and Ali Likio were my hosts. I remember how close the team was. It didn't matter where you came from everybody was tight, and they all got treated well. I like the weight coaches a lot too. I won't go on my own to lift weights all day, but they seem like they were gonna push you to lift and I liked that. I liked the weather a lot because I don't like cold weather…the night before I left ASU I told Tim and Ali I was gonna commit, and in the morning I told the coaches…I'm not really surprised that everything happened so fast with ASU."

In a previous DevilsDigest interview, ASU's offensive line Coach Jeff Grimes mentioned how Rodd was unique compared to other freshmen linemen in his pass blocking skills. Rodd hardly disagrees with his position coach. "We'd pass the ball 90% of the time. On our team, we'd be in the two-point stance on the 1-yard line (smile). I like that ASU passes a lot, but I know they have to have a balanced offense and run the football to be successful. My run blocking isn't so good, but I'll just work hard to get it better." He also mentions hand placement as another area that needs improvement, but he believes that his work ethic will help compensate for any shortcomings.

Rodd plans to come to Tempe at the end of July (he won't be able to participate in the school's current bridge program due to personal reasons). As far as his playing prospects are concerned, he's willing to accept any scenario. "If the coaches think I'm ready to go then I'll play right away. If they say I have to redshirt that's fine. I'm just gonna come in and work hard…I just know that playing at ASU is gonna be fun. I can't wait…"

Playing far from home is a decision that weighs heavily on most of recruits' minds. For a player from Hawaii it is even more of an issue due to the fact that a five-hour plus plane ride is a given sacrifice that one would have to put up with if he played in the Pac-10, let alone further eastward. For Brandon Rodd living far away from Aiea, a suburb of Honolulu isn't that big of a sacrifice when looking at the big picture. "I wanted to go away for college. It's only five years of your life. You can always come home and see your friends doing the same thing. It's not like Hawaii is going anywhere (smile). I don't know if I'll come back after college to live in Hawaii. I wouldn't mind living in the mainland." Perhaps the once Aiea High Canoe Team Captain will find Tempe's town lake appealing as much as the Pacific Ocean…

Recruit Profile


Brandon Rodd

High School

Aiea HS (Aiea, HI)







Date of Birth



Aiea, HI



Favorite TV Show

"Any Cartoon"

Favorite Movie

"2 Fast 2 Furious"

Favorite Singer


Favorite Food


Favorite Drink

"Fruit Punch"

Favorite Athlete

"Jason Kidd"

Favorite Pro Team

"Atlanta Falcons"

Person you most admire

"My mother. She raised four kids by herself."

First Football Memory

"Sophomore year starting on the varsity team. We lost that game by a field goal."

One Thing most people don't know about me

"I'm a friendly guy."

Why did you choose ASU?

"The whole atmosphere. It's a big time program."

Where do you want to be in ten years?

"Rich (smile). I hope to be in the NFL. If I can't do that I just want to have a successful job and a family. I'd like to be in accounting or marketing."

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