Arizona's Top Hoops Prospect - Ty Morrison

A basketball player who will undoubtedly be one of the most athletic, physically imposing high school athletes to come out of Arizona in recent years is Trevor Brown's star Ty Morrison. Recently, Morrison spoke with DevilsDigest about a wide variety of issues, raging from the prospective list of colleges he's considering to his academic standing and upcoming summer schedule.

Simply put, at 6-7 Ty Morrison is an athletic freak of nature. Despite the fact that Morrison only recently finished his junior year of high school at Trevor Brown, he has the sculpted body of a man-child. Despite already having muscles on top of muscles, Morrison insists he's only recently started lifting weights, saying, "I've been really hitting the weight room this year, it's the first year I've done that. But my athleticism has always been there."

In a linear fashion, Morrison is a run and jump athlete extraordinaire. He has explosive spring off the floor, a standing vertical jump in the forty inch range, and the ability to literally fly over players on his way to the cup. Laterally he's slightly less impressive, and as a result analysts have trouble projecting his eventual position. He may have a bit of difficulty defender perimeter players in open space. While he has some legitimate perimeter skills, at this point, he's still at his best when using his strength and quick leaping ability in the post.

Morrison, however, is not worried about being considered a player without a position, as he puts it, "I see myself as being multi-dimensional. I can really do anything. If a guy's bigger I can use my quickness, take him out to the wing and if he's shorter, you know, a coach can put me down in the post." Shaun Marion is a player that Morrison seems himself having some similarities with, and that is actually a reasonably well-made comparison.

Looking at Morrison, most people guess his weight to be in the 220-230 pound range, but shockingly he claims to weight far less than that, saying. "People don't really believe me, but I weight a good 205, and that's about it." If that's truly the case, there isn't an ounce of fat on his body.

As a junior at Trevor Brown, Morrison nearly averaged a triple-double with 18 points, 14 rebounds and 8 blocked shots per game. Morrison's teammates at the school include at least two other future Division-One players, namely 6-0 point guard Daren Jordan (2004) and 6-3 shooting guard Kaleo Kina (2005). There is little doubt that school will be one of the best in the state next season.

Morrison, Jordan and Kina also play for the state's best AAU squad, the Arizona Magic, a subsidiary of the Compton Magic squad in Southern California and formerly associated with Pump N Run. In addition to the three stars from Trevor Brown, the Magic also boasts players like Lawrence Hill (2005) and Christian Polk (2006), both of whom are considered to be among the top 100 prospects nationally in their respective classes.

Morrison will attend next month's Adidas ABCD camp and later, the Adidas Big Time with his Arizona Magic squad. In the meanwhile, he's been playing with his high school squad in one of the summer leagues in Phoenix and this weekend (June 27-29) Trevor Brown is also currently playing in the Rob Evans Arizona State team camp.

Morrison plans on waiting until after the busy month of July before narrowing his list of schools down to the handful he'll visit officially in fall. For right now however, he considers Iowa State, Oregon, Connecticut, ASU and Louisville the leaders for his services. When the time comes, Morrison plans on deliberately looking all of his options before making a selection, saying, "I think I'm going to take all 5, talk to the coaches and players and see the campuses. Why not? It's a big decision. It's important to look at all your options."

The ability to make the decision a reality may come down to how Morrison handles himself in the classroom over the next year. Responsibly and without making excuses, he admits to having had academic problems in the past, saying, "As a sophomore my GPA was kind of low because I was kind of lazy in the classroom but I told Rob Evans and I told all the other coaches that I was dedicated to working hard in the classroom and I plan to get my grades up next year. I believe in myself, I know I'm going to get my grades up, I took the SAT (June 7) and I think I passed it." If that is indeed the case, and if Morrison can take care of his core requirements over the next year, he'll certainly be one of the more buffed up prospects in the 2004 class, in more ways that one.

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