ASU Recruit Grayling Love

Can you imagine a 6'6" 290 pound linemen moonlighting as a kicker? If the Sun Devils are ever in a bind, they can call on incoming freshmen Grayling Love, who aside from playing well on both sides of the line had some success at placekicking.

"My junior year I actually kicker. Says Love "I was 4-4 on the PAT's. I got my ankle rolled on the first game, and they coach said that's it. He did let me kick during some home games my senior year." While his kicking career came to a screeching halt, his performance both as an offensive and defensive linemen continued to catch the recruiting eye of several schools. "I did get recruited by coach Snow (ex-ASU defensive coordinator), recalls the ASU freshman "but ASU wasn't too heavy after me like other schools like Arizona, both Oregon schools, Stanford, Colorado, and Notre Dame. I heard from coach Koetter only towards the end of December. I wasn't waiting for ASU in particular, but I was just taking my time and waiting to make a decision until I took 3-4 trips."

His official trip to Sun Devil land was a very impressionable one "I thought that Koetter and his staff were one of the best coaching staffs I saw and just a great group of people. They didn't try to recruit me with all kinds of lines about girls and parties like other schools. They were straightforward and told me how it is. I like the location, because it's an easy plane ride from home. The city (Tempe) is just great. I didn't want to go to a huge city, and Tempe just doesn't seem that big. ASU recruited me an offensive linemen, and that's what I prefer."

Grayling's talent did not escape the organizers of the annual California-Florida high school all-star game. The Sacramento area high school graduate has found memories from that event. "The California-Florida all star game was a great experience. In the all-star game they brought me to play defensive line, but I ended up playing offensive line as well. You get to play with people that you will play against in College. You get to see the caliber of players going into the Pac-10, and see how I compare to them. Also, playing against Florida, you have a whole new experience seeing how east coast Football is played. My junior year I got a letter saying that they wanted me on the all-star team. They basically keep in contact with me ever since. It was great talking to another ASU player who was, (incoming freshman) Lee Burghghef, who was also on the California team. I got to talk to him quite a bit."

Love is very candid when it comes to assessing his skills, as well as his chance at some early playing time. "I feel that I'm better run blocker. I do have quick feet, and I'm very mobile. I just need to fine-tune my techniques and work on getting faster. The coaches haven't told me if I would redshirt or not. They said that they have their starters and backups pretty much set, but they will give me a chance to compete for a job. I don't mind if I redshirt. I did want you go to a school that had a lot of juniors and seniors on the offensive line. It's great to go to a school, which has talented offensive linemen as Levi Jones and Scott Peters. I wanted to see their whole approach to the game." There's no rest for the Arizona State University players during the off-season, and that goes double for Grayling Love. "I have been working on the strength and conditioning program of coach Kenn, but right now I'm preparing for another all-star game in my area. I'm doing two-a-days in preparation for that game, which is July 27th. I will come down to Tempe on August 7th, and report with all the other freshmen on August 8th."

Recruit Profile

Name Grayling Love

High School Valley High, Sacramento, CA

Position OL/DL

Height 6'6"

Weight 290

Date of Birth 9/30/83

Hometown Lansing, MI

Nickname G-Love

Favorite TV Show Star Trek

Favorite Movie The Program

Favorite Singer Boys To Men

Favorite Food Anything (smile), I'd have to say steak

Favorite Drink Gatorade

Favorite Athlete Frank Thomas

Favorite Pro Team Chicago Bears, White Sox, Cubs

Person you most admire My mom. She's the one that took care of me after my parents got divorced. She helped me get into Football so I got get a college scholarship just like my sister.

First Football Memory Getting to run the ball as a freshman. It was a nice run of five yards before someone took the legs underneath me.

One Thing most people don't know about me I played a lot of sports when I was younger. I played Basketball, Swimming, Soccer, Wrestling, and Karate.

Why did you choose ASU? I wanted to major in Accounting, and ASU has one of the best accounting schools in the country.

Where do you want to be in ten years? I'm not counting on making the NFL. I would like to work in the logistics part of accounting, which could lead to the FBI.

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