Two stand out for Keys

Kendal Keys may not have a firm timetable as to when he will commit, but the La Mesa (Calif.) Helix High School wide receiver has a very good idea which tandem of schools he will ultimately choose from.

Arizona State hasn't been recruiting Kendal Keys for all that long, yet in a relatively short amount of time the Sun Devils have made a strong impression on the wide receiver.

"Recruiting is going very well with Arizona State," Keys said. "They offered me last month, and a couple of their coaches, Coach Alexander and Coach Randolph, came down to watch me during spring practice. I talked to them on the phone so I got to know them and they got to know me. I like they type of offense that they run and I know they are located in a good area.

"I think when I go down there on an unofficial visit I will really like it."

Boise State, Colorado, and San Diego State have all offered Keys as well, and when it comes to pursuing the wide receiver one of those schools appears to be doing just as well as ASU.

"My top two schools are Arizona State and Boise State," Keys stated. "They're definitely above all the other schools recruiting me. Both of those schools are recruiting me very hard, so I don't like one over the other. It's all going to come down to visiting both schools, getting more information and seeing which school I like better.

"I probably know more about Arizona State than I know about Boise State, but I want to visit both of them so I can compare. After I visit both schools I will know where I fit it better and what will best for me."

The 6-3 195-pound Kendal Keys, who reported a 40-time of 4.5 seconds, had seven touchdowns and added six interceptions as a junior for La Mesa (Calif.) Helix, helping the Highlanders to the CIF-State D-II title.

"Keys is a bigger receiver, who has ideal size for a possession receiver," said's National Recruiting Analyst Huffman, "but with much better speed. One of the best route-runners at the position out West, with soft hands and good strength to handle backers or defensive backs jamming him at the line of scrimmage. Gets good separation and is a good downfield threat."

Keys was also listed by the recruiting analyst team as one of the surprises of the Southern California NIKE camp in April.

"The Arizona State coaches said that they like how I am a physical wide receiver who can be a big target in their passing game and who can also be a go-to receiver," Keys commented. "I think I can work on all my skills like my blocking, my route running and things like that.

"They (ASU) run a spread offense where the wide receiver gets a lot of touches. It's similar to what we run in high school and that is the type of offense I like."

While there are no firm dates for Keys' unofficial visits, mid-July appears to be the most likely time period of time as to when the wide receiver will visit both Arizona State and Boise State. Keys didn't rule out officially visiting both schools in December as well.

"I don't know if after those two (summer) visits I will make a decision then or wait until after the season," Keys said. "But I do know that I'm going to visit both schools before I make any decision."

Keys admitted that he would like to stay close to home, but also knows that ultimately he has to make the right decision regardless of distance.

"I'm looking for a great football program," Keys said, "with great academics and a place where I know is the best environment for me."

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