Sandland to visit ASU this month

It's not only the mere presence of a tight end that makes this year's offense different than previous campaigns, but it's also the opportunities the new ASU scheme presents for this position, that will showcase a stark difference in offensive style. These changes haven't gone unnoticed by Woodland Hills (Calif.) Pierce College standout Beau Sandland who will unofficially visit Tempe in two weeks.

"I'm planning to head down there on the 20th," Sandland said of his Arizona State visit. "I've been contact the last few weeks with Coach Long and Coach Norvell and I have a good relationship with both. The type of offense they are going to put down there from a tight end point of view is exciting.

"Obviously being on the West Coast and competing in such a great conference like the Pac-12 is something that would great to be part of. I've been to a Arizona State camp there when I was in high school, so I know how gorgeous it is down there and I really liked the campus and the facilities so that's a bonus too. I can't wait to get there again and see everything for myself."

The 6-6 250-pound Beau Sandland, who is a three for two player in terms of eligibility, posted 20 receptions for 265 yards and two touchdowns as a freshman in 2011. Sandland is impressed both with the tight end tradition at ASU, as well as the resume of the coaches recruiting him.

"It's obviously going to be a different offense there with the new coaches," Sandland commented, "and it's going to take time to implement all of it. But they are very optimistic about the offense because they coached offenses in places like Arkansas and Tulsa where they had phenomenal success and the tight end was used a lot there.

"The school obviously has good tradition there with tight ends and I know that they are going to use them a lot in this offense both blocking and receiving. The offense is going to have multiple looks and really be high energy trying to get 85, 90 snaps a game. It's going to be a balanced offense that is going to use the tight end a lot, and that's nice because I feel a lot of offenses have gone away from that. So as a tight end Arizona State has type of offense I want to play in."

Sandland probably has one the most impressive offer sheets among junior college players in the Western region, let alone among tight ends. Florida, Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Utah, California and Arizona are just some of the schools along with ASU who have offered the Pierce College standout.

"Sure it can be overwhelming at times," Sandland said of the recruiting process, "but I'm trying to take it all in stride and enjoy the process as much as I can. I guess when I say overwhelming I sound like a wimp (laughs). The only overwhelming thing is the amount of calls that you get, and that is a good thing because I really didn't get recruited out of high school because I didn't have exposure there.

"So yeah, things are hectic but in a good way."

Thus far, Sandland did take an unofficial visit to Nebraska last month. Texas Tech and Cal may be other schools that the tight end will take a future unofficial visit to. Sandland does have an official visit scheduled for Ole Miss on Sep. 19th and Oklahoma stands to be another official visit destination in the fall.

As a scheduled December graduate, the tight end knows that his decision would have to come shortly after season's end, yet Sandland is planning to do his due diligence as he swifts through all of his options.

"In September I'm planning to dwindle down the list to a top 5 or something like that," Sandland commented, "so I can focus on just a few schools. I haven't been pressured by any school and I know that from their end they want to know where they stand with me and know if they need to go to Plan B.

"I do plan to take all my five official visits and if a school wants you bad enough and knows that I'm their guy they will stick around and wait. I don't know if I will take my visits during the season or after, so I'm not planning to commit anytime soon."

Aside from a tight end friendly offense, Sandland will use other factors to guide his decision.

"It's an important decision that will impact me the rest of my life," Sandland explained, "so I'm going to look at a lot of things. I want to go to a competitive league that is one of the strongest in college football, a school that is solid at the quarterback position because you obviously want someone that can get you the ball, and a program that is a winning team. Location on the map isn't that important but I want to go to a place which has a good community and a place that when I go over there it will all click.

"You obviously have to gel with you position coach because you have to spend so much time with him. Really, at the end of the day, you want to go to a school that will give you a legitimate shot to go to the NFL."

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