Goodman brothers reunited on the field

The chances of playing college football with a sibling are rare. It's even more unlikely to team up with your twin brother. But that's just what Devin and Evan Goodman are getting to experience at ASU's fall camp as the two are once again lined up at offensive line after being apart last year. Together they're living out a dream while forming a solid duo ready to help the Sun Devils' front five.

Devin Goodman, who was born two minutes before his brother, Evan Goodman, arrived in Tempe last year but redshirted the 2011 season, creating the possibility of playing alongside Evan, who was held back a year in school (a decision his parents made when they were younger) and didn't commit to ASU until February, all four years at Arizona State.

It's a decision they're both glad they made and an experience they're anxiously looking forward to.

"Aw man, it's crazy because not a lot of people ever have the chance to play D-1 football with their brothers, so it's a blessing for us," said Evan at media day on Saturday. "We always wanted to play football together. We never wanted to play apart. That was never an option."

"It's an outstanding opportunity, like Evan said," added Devin. "Not only are we brothers, but twin brothers, and we're here and get to play beside each other. It's crazy!"

Sun Devil fans were forced to nervously await the commitment of Evan as the 6'4" 290 pound tackle who took some official visits late in the recruiting process to schools such as Nebraska, Notre Dame and Arkansas following the dismissal of Dennis Erickson last December.

Evan Goodman maintains that the plan was always to come to ASU and that he just wanted re-assurance, something Sun Devil fans are naturally glad he has found.

"The recruiting process wasn't that hard at all because I knew I was coming to ASU from the very beginning," Evan admitted. "I really just wanted to take some visits and make sure everything was right. I'm really glad I took those visits too because I didn't ever think the coach wouldn't be here, so I was like 'oh man.' So I took my visits but still knew I wanted to be here."

Of course Devin did his job in easing those doubts for his brother and helped convince him to come to Tempe so they could continue playing together.

"I told him if he came here there'd be a lot of hard work," Devin described, "a lot of conditioning and if he wanted to come to a good program and fight for what he wants and compete in the Pac-12, then he should come to ASU."

Evan landed in Tempe over the summer, and since then, the two have been working together to make an impression on a new coaching staff and challenge for a position on the depth chart.

While only getting his first taste of the new high octane ASU offense he'll be playing in this week for years to come, Evan admits he's enjoyed everything he has experienced so far at ASU.

"Playing for Coach Graham…he's one of a kind," Evan said. "We're getting the best coaching. We've got one of the best coaching staffs in the nation, we've got the best conditioning team, we're one of the only offenses that runs at this kind of pace.

"If you look at his track record, he's pretty good when it comes to offense. So I'm excited."

When asked what has been the biggest adjustment for each player, the were both quick to confess that the conditioning has been the biggest eye opener as Coach Shawn Griswold has spent endless hours working with their brothers on their cardiovascular conditioning.

Never one to back down though, both Devin and Evan continue to answer their coaches' demands.

"The one thing that has really stuck out to me is the running," said Evan. "Because we run a no huddle offense, we run everywhere we go and that was a big adjustment for me because we never did that much at Lakeland High School. But he (Griswold) has been doing a real good job. Everyone is in tip top shape, the best shape they've ever been in."

"For me, I've never ran so much in my life," added Devin. "I was surprised. At first I was like, we can't run anymore than we did yesterday. And then the next day would come, and we did. I think it has definitely helped us a lot because it's the tempo that we run our offense; it's a fast-tempo, no huddle offense. It's perfect."

It doesn't take long to sense the unique bond the Goodman brothers have with each other. Not only did they both decide to cut their dreads over the summer - dreads they had been growing since the fifth grade - but they've each grown the exact same facial hair, further accentuating how in sync they are with each other, both on and off the football field.

Full of laughs with smiles stretched across their faces, they appear right at home despite being so far from Lakeland, Florida.

"It's actually not that bad for us," remarked Devin. "I mean, we're brothers and out here together. It was difficult for me last year, being so far away from my family and friends and everyone, so it's definitely pretty cool to have Evan come out here and have that family connection."

"Mom and dad are missing us like crazy though," commented Evan. "Calling every day."

On Sunday, that family connection was on full display as the brothers had their first opportunity to practice together in pads during team drills. An unfortunate injury to Mo Latu early on in the session allowed for Devin to take snaps at center with the second team offense, alongside Evan who lined up at left tackle, giving the two something they hadn't experienced since high school and perhaps a preview of things to come for them at ASU.

"It really meant a lot," said Evan on lining up next to his brother in practice. "It gave me that extra boost. When I'm tired I know he's tired too, but I know he's trying to work just as hard as me, so I'm trying to work just as hard as him."

"It meant a whole lot to me," commented Devin. "I loved it. It felt just like we were back at Lakeland. Running the ball, playing at a quick tempo; I still felt that connection. Playing with him gives me a kick in the rear end. He's making me do my job and I'm trying to keep him doing his job."

However long they remain together on the depth chart remains to be seen, but what's certain is that the two are appreciative for the opportunity and ready to make their mark on ASU.

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