Post Camp T scrimmage quotes

CAMP TONTOZONA-Camp Tontozona scrimmage was certainly all about the offense, as nine touchdowns were scored in this morning's scrimmage. Quarterback Taylor Kelly, running back James Morrison and wide receivers Rashad Ross and Alonzo Agwuenu commented on Saturday's affair.

Taylor Kelly

On what his biggest improvement is

"Being in a pocket and reading the defense and hitting the hot routes"

On what the biggest change has been for him since the Spring

"I am more comfortable with my reads and what the offense is doing and that allows me to focus on the defense."

On his experience at Camp T

"It's been a blast great weather, just coming up here and playing football with no distractions, it's been great to play with the guys. My goal was to come up here with great focus and try to lead this team, and I think I have accomplished that."

On the potential of the running backs

"We have a ton of running backs; we have a bunch of guys that can make explosive plays."

On his chemistry with Rashad Ross

"Rashad played great today and I have great chemistry with him."

On the QB competition

"I hope to be number one QB but all I can do is play well."

James Morrison

On his experience at Camp T

"Camp T is something we can draw on last time we were up here for a day, this time we were out here for four practices and it was a lot of fun. We were able to build chemistry because we were out there grinding with the people who matter the most. All of the fans and media were out here today and it was a lot of fun."

On his performance as well as the team's at the scrimmage

"Went well our offense responded from last Saturday. We had a few penalties and mental mistakes but we are making a lot of progress. I think overall we did pretty well. I did ok I still need to work on things I dropped the ball once which I need to cleanup. I just need to tighten up some things in my protection assignments, but I felt I did well."

On his playing opportunity this year

"I feel the scrimmage was a great chance for me to show the coaches what I can do. We have a couple backs that are banged up, but I just try to step up and do the best I can."

On how well the offense is playing right now

"Our offense is doing well, we are going to be a physical offense. I think Coach Graham is doing a great job of getting us ready physically. I feel we are going to be prepared for NAU. Everyone is motivated to achieve more than what the experts are predicting."

Rashad Ross

On his performance in the scrimmage

"The team did well today I feel we showed a lot of progress. Personally, I think I did alright I made some good catches but I dropped a couple passes."

On his experience at Camp T

"It has been real beneficial, there has been great weather. We are able to avoid distractions and focus on the team as a whole."

On his chemistry with Taylor Kelly

"I build chemistry with all the quarter backs, but Taylor and I live near each other so we are able to put in more work. After track Taylor would throw me ball in the dark to build that chemistry."

On his expectations for the team

"I hope everyone has higher expectation now, my expectations for the team are that everyone goes hard and tries to make plays."

Alonzo Agwuenu

On his performance and his team's performance in the scrimmage

"As a team we made a lot of progress we improved on the little things like sticking to your assignments. Personally, I didn't feel like I did that well I had four catches but I had two drops and I need to clean that up. That's the game of football though; you just have to learn from your mistakes."

On his experience at Camp T

"It's been a great experience, nobody wants to leave. This will benefit us, it's been tough but it made us bond and become stronger individuals."

On his personal expectations for the 2012 season

"My expectations are a lot higher now than in spring. As a transfer I can't say I am new anymore and need to keep playing at a high level and hold myself to a higher standard."

On his overall outlook for the team

"I think all the WR and QB's are making great strides in building chemistry especially up in Camp T. I think our team is ready for the PAC-12 and every team in the country!"

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