Cameron Marshall Q&A

Friday's session wasn't just another pre-season practice, as Cameron Marshall returned to the practice field for the first time in two weeks whie rehabbing an injury. The senior running back commented on his status.

On how it feels to be back

"It feels great to be back, it's great to run out there with my teammates and participate."

On how close he is to 100% healthy

"I feel great right now, I will be ready come game time. I will practice the rest of the week to prepare, I feel good right now."

On if missing practice for the last two weeks has been frustrating

"It's always difficult to not be out there with everyone, but you have to be smart and make sure you get through the season. You need to get to the season as healthy as possible and get through the season as healthy as possible as well. I know they want me back out there as much as I want to be out there, so I just need to focus on getting back."

On the anticipation to begin his senior season

"We have a lot to prove this year. I am looking forward to the season, I fell we can do some great things this year. Coach Graham has done a great job and gives us a great chance to win. It's my senior year and I just want to go out there and make the fans proud."

On if he feels rusty after missing two weeks

"Not really, I have been in and out of practice [because of injuries] before so I don't miss anything. I do a good job of learning everything mentally so I don't mess up my assignments when I get back. Physically my conditioning is good."

On the biggest improvements on offense

"The offensive line is doing a great job right now. We are developing the continuity with the wide receivers, and the timing is getting better with the quarterbacks."

On the talent at running back

"All of them provide a lot of different looks. Everyone has their own unique style, and it will be a nice change of pace when we get in there."

On the transition from fall camp to game planning for NAU

"The two a day practices and camp are the things that are hard to get motivated for. Game planning and getting to hit someone else, if you aren't motivated something is wrong with you. Everyone is really excited to play NAU."

On what the ASU touchdown record would mean to him

"It's important, that would be a great achievement to leave ASU with. Saying that, the most important thing is to win games this year. As long as we wing games I will be happy."

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