Allen eyeing Pac-12 Schools

The recruiting process for Devon Allen isn't close to being over by any means, yet it seems that the ultimate destination of the Phoenix Brophy wide receiver is likely to be in the conference he grew up watching. Devils Digest talked to Devon's father, Louis Allen, about his son's recruitment and how the various suitors have been fairing thus far in the process.

The 6-1 190-pound Devon Allen has already visited UCLA, Florida State and Oregon in that order. His father said that currently two of the schools are appearing as improbable destinations for the Brophy standout.

Both Oregon and Florida State haven't offered the wide receiver a football scholarship, and that would force Allen to be a walk-on player regardless if he wanted to also run track or not. Unless that scenario changes, it would be very surprising to see Allen seriously consider those two programs, let alone pledge to one of them.

"Being able to do both football and track is probably the most important part of his decision," Allen commented. "Florida State is a great track program. But again we are looking at the football aspect of things too."

After his visit to the Bruins in mid-October, the wide receiver wasn't shy about conveying his strong affinity to UCLA. By all accounts they seemed to emerge as the program to beat for his services, yet two months after that official trip he is still exploring additional options.

"I think he feels the same as he did before," Allen stated. "Right now Devon is trying to evaluate all the schools and see what kind of educational programs they have. He also wants to see how well he fits in a school…he's really just working out all the pluses and minuses. That will help him determine where goes

"I don't know if he feels differently about UCLA than he did before. He talks to coaches from that school and other schools all the time."

Stanford is a program that the wide receiver has yet to visit, but could do so in January. As always the case when being recruited by the Cardinal, a prospect needs to complete the comprehensive admission application process to establish whether that school is even a viable option that would merit an official visit.

"We are still working on the application process," Allen noted. "There is some stuff that needs to be submitted like reference letters and those are being taken care of as we speak. Once he submits all the paperwork we'll go from there, and we're planning to visit there in January.

"I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be admitted. Whether he decides to go there or not, is going to be a decision that he will have to make pretty soon. As his parent, I want him to make his own decision instead of someone making it for him. Some kids tend to be intimidated by the whole application process, but we're not in that situation."

Earlier this week, the Allen family met with Arizona State coaches Mike Norvell and Chip Long and as a result they now have scheduled an official visit to the school on January 18th.

"They were asking Devon questions about his interest in ASU," Allen described, "and he was honest saying that he wasn't able to see everything during his junior day activities. The coaching staff has been very good about giving us information but an official visit will give us a lot more detail because that is what official visits are. We don't need an official visit so somebody can buy us a steak locally. We can buy our own steak. The (official visit) is about getting more information.

"Coach Long and Coach Norvell are good guys and they are excited about the team. We met them a year ago when they got here and right now they seem just as excited about the team and motivated as they were when they got here. The folks at ASU have been very accommodating and have expressed interest very early. They have kept in touch a lot with us and that is the reason why we are considering them. We have always considered them from day one."

The changes in team culture that Head Coach Todd Graham has instituted haven't only been noticeable to the Sun Devil fans, but also to local prospects such as Allen.

"To be honest with you the last year or two we saw a team that would quit when they got behind," Allen explained. "We didn't see that this year and we expressed that in our visit (with the ASU coaches)."

Needless to say that the wide receiver's role on the team was the aspect Allen and his family wished to know the most about, and Louis Allen stated that the Sun Devil coaches expected his son to make an immediate impact if he decided to join ASU.

All in all, Allen said that his son's feelings towards the ASU program are quite more favorable than they were just a couple of months ago.

"I would say that they are in a good position," Allen admitted. "The best thing about ASU is that they are home. That's a big positive. I think Devon wants to make sure that I'm able to come to his games and that is something that he's considering. He knows some of the guys on the ASU track team and they are quality athletes and quality kids. So that is a positive thing.

"Any decision Devon makes will be 50-50 between football and track because any school he's going to attend he wants to do both. We steered away from a lot of schools that only wanted him to do football because they didn't know how he was going to be able to do track as well. He believes that he just as good a football player as he is a track athlete, so why would you relinquish one sport to do the other?"

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