Paul Randolph Q&A

As often the case in spring practice, Saturday's scrimmage doesn't always reflect the performance displayed earlier in the week. Such was the case with the Sun Devil defense today, yet Arizona State's Defensive Coordinator still sees a lot of positives with his group.

Devils Digest: how did your defense play today in the scrimmage?

Paul Randolph: "I thought as far as execution, I thought they did some good things and some not-so-good things. I thought the energy level; we've got to come way up with that. No question about that for our first scrimmage. We've had six great practices and then today, I thought our energy level was down a little bit. There are just a few things that we've got to continue to improve upon in our quest to be first."

Devils Digest: Your defense has had a year working with your system. Does it make it easier to learn new things this year?

Paul Randolph: "Absolutely. Of course, we're trying not to so too many new things. We want to perfect and just keep increasing upon what we learned a year ago. I think the guys' knowledge with the system and their understanding of the system no doubt will help us this year."

Devils Digest: How has your transition been from D-line coach to linebackers coach?

Paul Randolph: "It's been fun moving back with the guys that stand up. I miss the big guys up front, but (defensive line) Coach Shipp is doing a phenomenal job with them with their focus, their purpose, and the way that they're improving. Naturally, moving back to the linebacker position with me, it's what I played so it's a natural fit. Of course, I've got to get right and get ready to go with that group."

Devils Digest: What are your impressions of Coach Shipp so far?

Paul Randolph: "I'll tell you what; he's done a phenomenal job up front. No question about it. They're improving every day. I thought they played pretty well today; watching them from the press box. I thought that they did a really good job today and Coach Shipp has been on them and the guys are buying in. He cares about them. He's going to work them, but they know he cares about them. I think he's doing a phenomenal job."

Devils Digest: You lost Brandon Magee after last season but you do have a lot of returners this season. Have they stepped up as leaders so far?

Paul Randolph: "I think that's one thing that we're trying to develop this off-season; the leadership within our defense. Losing a guy like Brandon Magee who has been a mainstay for a long time naturally hurts a little bit. We're trying to grow the guys that we have. Chris Young, Carl Bradford, and Steffon Martin who's a senior this year coming up. Trying to run those guys into leadership roles. Of course for us, all we want them to do is lead themselves. If they do that and lead by example, then everyone else will follow."

Devils Digest: What are your goals for the entire defense coming out of spring ball?

Paul Randolph: "Coming out of spring ball healthy first and foremost. Have a better understanding of stopping the run, which is an area that we have to improve upon going into 2013. Just being better people like we are. Just growing and winning every single day."

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