Q&A with Keelan Johnson

Even though he was disappointed over not getting selected in last week's NFL draft, Keelan Johnson feels that signing as a free agent with the Miami Dolphins could prove beneficial for him. The former Arizona State safety talked to Devils Digest's Becca Winn about taking the next step in his career.

Devils Digest: Prior to draft day were there any specific teams you felt confident were going to draft you?

Keelan Johnson: "I was confident I was going to play for the Philadelphia Eagles. I spoke with Chip Kelly and he told me he felt like there was a need on the team that really needed to be addressed. But I guess they decided that wasn't me. I guess I just got a call for the Dolphins and that's where I want to play at now."

Devils Digest: Did you expect to be drafted? What round did you see yourself going in the draft?

Keelan Johnson: "Yeah I actually did, honestly I expected to go between the late third round through the sixth round. I was just surprised when I slipped through to a free agent, I was a little disappointed. But I'm happy the way it worked out because now I'm part of a team I prefer playing for."

Devils Digest: "As the draft neared a close, what emotions were you feeling as each name was called and you didn't hear yours?

Keelan Johnson: "It was more frustrating than anything. Watching the draft while you're in the draft is a lot different than watching the draft when you're not in it. My frustration was getting a little built up when I saw safeties from schools I'd never even heard of go before I did. So it was definitely just frustrating more than anything."

Devils Digest: At what point did you know you were going to the Dolphins? It seemed like you found out relatively quickly after the draft ended…

Keelan Johnson: "The Dolphins spoke to Coach Graham and Tim Cassidy and they told them they wanted to use their sixth or seventh round draft pick on me. So, every time I saw Miami up for selection I was just waiting for my name to be called, and it wasn't. Pretty much right after the draft I spoke to the GM there and he told me they really wanted me to go there. I took a look at the depth of the safeties there and I definitely felt like there was a place for me to go in there and earn a starting spot."

Devils Digest: Were you surprised no Sun Devils were drafted at all?

Keelan Johnson: I was surprised. The thing I was most surprised about was Josh Hubner. The UCLA punter was the best in the nation but right after him is Josh Hubner. I saw another punter go before Josh, which is just crazy. Then some of the linebackers I saw going, I know Brandon is a lot better than them. Seeing Deveron Carr not get picked up behind a lot of other corners. Just pretty much everybody from the ASU Sun Devil team was, I felt, was stacked, or at least better than a lot of other players in the draft."

Devils Digest: So where do you go from here, what are the next steps for you in the upcoming weeks?

Keelan Johnson: "I head down to rookie minicamp on Wednesday and I come back on Sunday. So, I'm doing that, and then hopefully from there it's just me moving to Miami and becoming a part of that organization and making the 53 man roster."

Devils Digest: Final question, talk a little bit about how you felt and what you did after finding out you were going to the Miami Dolphins, and more importantly that you were going to the next level of your career.

Keelan Johnson: "I honestly didn't do anything exciting, I was kind of just enjoying myself. It was a really stressful day and so I just really took some time to myself, spent some time with my roommates and some other guys on the team. It was just a lot to take in, I really didn't go out and do anything too crazy."

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