Rush stays true to his heart, commits to ASU

In Korey Rush's mind there was no reason to delay the inevitable. Ever since Arizona State offered him in February he had pictured himself as a Sun Devil, and on Thursday he decided to end his wait and pledge to the school, and talked to Devils Digest about his decision.

"Arizona State is a place I always wanted to go to even before they offered me," Rush said. "It's been on mind for a while because I knew I always wanted to go there. So I just figured ‘why wait anymore?' In my heart of hearts this is what I always wanted to do.

"I was on campus twice. Once with my basketball team for a camp on campus there and I was also there for a football camp one day. My dad coaches for the Anaheim Angels so I was there also for spring training a couple of months ago and I sat down with the coaches then"

His meetings with both Head Coach Todd Graham and Defensive Line Coach Jackie Shipp naturally left a deep and positive impression on him.

"Talking to them I could just tell the program has turned around so much," Shipp said. "Everything about that program is top notch. I love being around people like Jackie Shipp who I know can really develop me and I know I can be a good football player under him. You can tell how sincere he is in what he does and he's not there just to advance his career. Coach Shipp really cares about us as young men and football players.

"Coach Graham said that if I commit to them then Arizona State is committed to me. He showed me that he is totally dedicated to me. That makes me feel right at home and makes me feel very comfortable. It's great to see how much he has done for the program in one year and that really wants me to play under him."

The 6-3 235-pound Korey Rush was named 1st team All-State by both the Desert News and Salt Lake Tribune following his junior year at Salt Lake's East High School. He collected 42 tackles and 17.5 sacks during that campaign.

"The coaches want me to play at Devil (backer)," Rush noted, "which is part outside linebacker dropping into pass coverage and part defensive end rushing the passer. I think that role fits me very well because I'm athletic enough to play that position. Those are things I do very well.

"I have a good nose for the ball and I'm very football savvy. I need to get stronger (reported benching 295 lbs.) and get my lower half more explosive. I know I'm going to go up against very good Pac-12 offensive linemen so I have to get better at everything."

Ole Miss, Idaho and Utah State are some of the other schools who offered him. The defensive end remarked that the proximity to home and the caliber of the university overall were other factors that guided his decision.

"With all the schools that offered me I always pictured myself ending up here," Rush said of ASU. "This is what I want to do and this is where I want to be, and I'm solid in my decision. This is what I'm staying with and it's just how I feel.

"Arizona State is the largest university in the country and that also drew me, just being surrounded by so many different people. I wanted to be close to my family, but I didn't want to live right next to my family. I want to get away from the nest and grow up as a man, and Arizona State is a place that can offer me that."

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