Paul Randolph Q&A

CAMP TONTOZONA – ASU's Defensive Coordinator recognized the effort his group put in on Saturday's afternoon, yet was obviously disappointed with the Camp Tontozona's scrimmage performance by his group.

Devils Digest: How did you feel the defense performed today as a whole?

Paul Randolph: We came out and we were ripping and running a little bit. There were just too many mistakes but I thought the guys, effort wise, work their tails off. And trying to execute everything that we were asking them to do.

Devils Digest: There has been a lot of movement between players at the WILL and SPUR linebacker positions this fall. Do you feel that you saw enough today to make a decision at those two spots?

Paul Randolph: We will have to watch the film before we decide on that but we think the guys competed well. We are trying to create competition at each position and I think we've done that all season long. Today was a test, today was final exam day, so I'm eager to get back to watch the film and see the results of it.

Devils Digest: Chris Young has been someone who has stood out all fall, where do you like him on this defense this year?

Paul Randolph: At the WILL backer. He's been at WILL all fall long and he's done a tremendous job of putting on more weight, more size and more speed.

Devils Digest: Where is this defense this year compared to last year's defense at this time of year?

Paul Randolph: It's no doubt that we're ahead. We're a year older and we have a lot of experience coming back as far as seniors and things of that nature. Naturally with the knowledge of our system and the expectations we have to be ahead of where we were last year.

Devils Digest: Do you think the defense has looked good this fall?

Paul Randolph: No question. The guys have accepted the challenge and they've worked their tails off trying to improve in every area that we have asked them to.

Devils Digest: Can you talk a little bit about what Alden Darby and Osahon Irabor bring to the secondary and the team as a whole?

Paul Randolph: Well first and foremost they bring leadership to the defense. It's unusual when you have defensive backs that are leaders, but those two are strong leaders and high character young men. All guys follow them and listen to them. Couple that with their ability, their playmaking ability and their knowledge of our system, I think that they are going to be terrific leaders and players for us this fall.

Devils Digest: Both you and coach Graham have talked about lifting the role of Carl Bradford on this defense, how do you think he has responded to that challenge?

Paul Randolph: I think Carl has responded extremely well to it, I really do. He's had a tremendous last week of camp here working his tail off and trying to improve his fundamentals. That hybrid Devil backer position is probably one of the toughest jobs in the business; he has to be able to master two parts of that position. I think he's done a tremendous job both mentally and physically in working toward that goal.

Devils Digest: Last year Will Sutton had a huge year. Now, going into the 2013 season, can he get better and how is he responding to all of the pressure that's on him?

Paul Randolph: There's no doubt that he can get better and he's working to get better everyday, that's the best thing about him. Naturally he's one of our leaders. He's the biggest guy on the defense and the most explosive one too. But I think he's accepted his role of being a leader and being that spark plug for the defense.

Devils Digest: As far as the depth chart, when would you like to have it set?

Is it sometime next week or sometime right before the Sacramento State game?

Paul Randolph: It will be here the next few days or so more than likely. We still have guys competing for the starting spots as well as backup spots. For us they have got to continue to work their tails off and just see what happens here as we work towards that game.

Devils Digest: Last question, what are your goals to achieve before the first game?

Paul Randolph: Discipline and fundamentals. We had too many penalties today.

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