Scott takes in thrilling ASU game

As chance would have it, Saturday's night game marked the first time Arizona State safety commit Jamal Scott attended a collegiate game in person. Suffice to say that this unofficial visit to Tempe was one he would not soon forget. Devils Digest caught up with Scott to talk about the wild finish in ASU's 32-30 victory over Wisconsin and his overall experience this past weekend.

The peculiar conclusion to the Wisconsin - Arizona State game has long passed the well documented stage. But as a refresher here is the video of the improbable finish:

Jamal Scott, much like everyone in attendance at Sun Devil Stadium that night, was in disbelief when witnessing that sequence of events.

"It was crazy," Scott said. "It looked like the refs didn't know if he (Wisconsin quarterback Joel Stave) put his knee down and then he just put the ball himself down. It's a lesson to every player what not to do and that you have to stay focused and composed. You can't let the crowd noise get to you because then you make mistakes,"

Aside from a thrilling game, the safety offered his opinion of the Sun Devils' defensive play as well as his general impressions of the game atmosphere.

"I really liked watching the way the secondary played," Scott described. "Alden Darby is the leader of that defense and I liked seeing him talk to the players on the sidelines firing them up. He's a great leader and that is what the team needs.

"It's a very aggressive defense that blitzes a lot and they don't let too many long passes get thrown against them. The intensity of the game and the crowd really stood out to me. It was very loud. I really wanted to see an intense game atmosphere and I got to see that. Another thing that really stuck out to me is seeing how the coaches coach on the sidelines."

Aside from Darby, Scott spent time with true freshmen Marcus Ball and Ellis Jefferson. All three players delivered a consistent message to the ASU commit.

"They told me that the coaches will never settle for anything less but your best," Scott commented. "They also said that if you work hard you will have a good chance of starting as a freshman and that is what I'm aiming for.

"I also talked to Coach Graham, Coach Alexander and Coach Ball. Coach Graham was asking me how I like the defense and Coach Ball said that he wants to come in here and play the way he knows I can play and be ready to work hard. He said he expects big things of me."

The safety added that his official visit will take place in December or January so he can spend more time with the coaches.

While Scott's junior season is what caused the flurry of recruiting activity for him, his senior year hasn't been out to good start as a shoulder injury he suffered a couple of weeks ago will continue to sideline him for a few more games.

"I tore something in my shoulder but it isn't a rotator cuff or labarum," Scott said. "I'll be back in three more weeks because the coaches want to save me for league play. I didn't need surgery but just needed to sit out and strengthen it again.

"It's frustrating that this happened my senior year but I'm just going to work on staying as healthy as possible. One of the main reasons I wanted to commit before the season is so I don't have to worry about recruiting. So it's good that I'm already committed to a school so all I need to focus on is getting healthy for my senior year."

Yet, even Scott's current physical condition couldn't dampen his spirits during and after his unofficial visit, nor could it prevent him from getting excited for the future.

"That's all I was thinking about," Scott admitted, "imagining myself playing on that field next year."

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