Miller impressed with ASU visit

2014 basketball prospect Tory Miller admitted that his official trip this past weekend to Tempe didn't exceed his expectations. Then again, his expectations were already set very high and according to the New Hampton (N.H.) prospect they were all certainly met. Devils Digest caught up with Miller to get his thoughts on his recruitment with ASU and his timeline for a decision.

"The visit went great," Miller said. "I got to talk to the guys and all the coaches there. I hung out the most with Brandan Kearney on my trip. He's a down to earth guy, a great dude and a great host who showed me a great time. He talked to me about how the players are coached here, the style of play and the opportunity here to play for a great program with coaches who have NBA experience in Coach Musselman and Coach Greer.

"Coach Johnson who's recruiting me, that is the man right there. Great dude, great family guy and his personality is second to none."

The overall environment Miller got to witness on his trip was another aspect of his visit he truly appreciated.

"The school has 80,000 in enrollment," Miller said. "That probably caught my attention the most because I didn't expect the campus to be that big and that nice. There is a lot of diversity and opportunity there. It's one of the top media markets, it has pro sports like the Phoenix Suns. It's a great place to be exposure wise.

"I just met a lot of great people that weekend."

Out of the schools Miller is seriously considering, Arizona State is the furthest away from his Kansas City home, let alone his prep school in New Hampshire. His recent visit to Tempe affirmed his feelings about what kind of factor distance will make in his recruiting.

"There a lot of things at Arizona State that make you forget about home," Miller said laughing. "So I don't think that will be a problem. Coach Sendek and Coach Johnson visited my parents in Kansas City and they were the first school to do that. They liked them a lot. Because those guys are down to earth and pretty funny guys."

The 6-8 245-pound Tory Miller is a prospect who is regarded a formidable defensive presence who does possess a nice touch around the basket. Yet, the 2014 frontcourt prospect is extremely humble about his skill set.

"I personally feel that I have a lot to work on," Miller commented. "But the (ASU) coaches showed me that I have an opportunity to play right away if I came here because they have two post players leaving after this year. Besides my defense and rebounding they also like how I can run the floor.

"It's great that they think of me like that, but I feel that I have to work on everything. I'm a guy that needs to be in the gym working on my game."

Modesty notwithstanding, Miller is very intrigued by the Sun Devils' style of play and feels it is a scheme he could flourish in if he decided to join the ranks of the maroon and gold.

"The way they like to get you the ball inside on the low post block," Miller described, "or go under a low ball screen you will have a great opportunity to score. Running down the floor obviously is another way you can score. Those are some of the ways I can see myself getting easy buckets.

"I also know that skill development wise the coaches want you to be a good all-around player and not just camping down on the block."

As positive as his Arizona State experience was, Miller is still planning to visit the other schools on his short list before making a decision.

"I'm visiting Iowa this weekend on the 19th," Miller said, "Colorado on October 3rd, and Marquette on October 11th. Arizona State set the bar high for the visits and I'm still planning to take all of them.

"When I decide which school to go to, I'm going to look at my relationship with the coaches and opportunity to play. I'm just going to pray a lot about this and see where God wants me to go."

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