Cunningham talks ASU visit

The timetable for his decision or the school leading for his services remains to be seen, but there was little doubt as to what local Chandler Hamilton defensive lineman Qualen Cunningham was focusing on while attending Arizona State's 53-24 win over Washington last Saturday.

"It was a pretty cool game and I was up there with some of my teammates so it was a pretty cool atmosphere," Cunningham said. "To see what ASU did and how they did it to the University of Washington, which is a pretty good team..that was a good experience."

"I always look at Carl Bradford who plays at the position I'm getting recruited at (Devil backer) and I saw how he was set up to make plays and how he makes those plays..he makes a pretty good impact in there. So I always look at what he does more so than other players especially when I watch that defense."

The 6-4 225-pound Qualen Cunningham feels that the hybrid defensive end/linebacker position Arizona State employs is somewhat unique to the Sun Devils and certainly fits his skills.

"I feel my best attributes are my speed and my speed to power," Cunningham explained. "I can convert my speed to power, so if my speed rush doesn't work then I go ahead with the bull rush and that was exactly what he (Bradford) was doing. I think I fit the position really well so we'll see what happens and take it from there.

"I feel that even though other teams have that (Devil backer) position in their defense, I don't see any defense that has this position designed for so well. A lot of the (ASU) defense is more so implemented around the Devil backer so that's different than other schools I've seen."

While the Huskies' senior is regulated to playing at the line of scrimmage, he is looking forward to college and a possible variety of roles.

"I wish I could be playing a little more linebacker," Cunningham admitted. "Our defense is really a gap control defense so I'm just waiting until college so I can get loose and drop in coverage, have a little more fun with it."

The four-star prospect has attracted scholarships from all across the nation and according to Fox Sports Next's Southwest Recruiting Analyst, Jason Jewell, it's for a good reasons.

"His get off is very quick," Jewell said. "He has a frame to get a lot bigger, his wing span and arms are very long. Cunningham plays with a tremendous motor and has very good football instincts. Has the speed to be an OLB as well."

Arizona State, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Oregon and USC are the schools Cunningham is looking at the most. The lineman said that he hasn't taken any official visits to date but is starting to plan them.

"Everything is going really well with Arizona State," Cunningham said on his recruitment with the Sun Devils. "Aside from football I know it's a very good school academically and I was born and raised here, so we'll just see how it all plays out.

"I'm thinking about taking a visit November 16th to Oklahoma and I'd like to visit Oregon before I visit Oklahoma but I'm still working on it."

Since Cunningham could take more visits aside from that tandem of schools, he's unsure when he will give his pledge to the program of his choice.

"I'm just waiting things out a little bit longer and I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to wait things out," Cunningham stated. "A decision could be given here in the near future, could be later. You never know.

"I'm looking for a school where I know I will comfortable at. I don't want to go to place where I'm gonna dread every morning and not wake up with a smile on my face. I want to go to place where I'm ready everyday to go out to practice and kick some butt."

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