2015 Recruiting Class Position Makeup

With Arizona State's 2014 recruiting class in the books, the coaching staff has already turned its attention to the 2015 group of newcomers that will join the Sun Devils. While speculating at this time which players ASU will land in that class is impossible, the breakdown of positions for this group is easier to project based on depth chart and other factors. Here are our projections.


With the 2014 class additions of Many Wilkins and Coltin Gerhart, Arizona State is now at its ideal number of four signal callers, and it's projected following this year to lose only one player in senior Taylor Kelly.

Therefore, we expect the Sun Devils to add one player in this position in the 2015 class.

Running Back

Deantre Lewis is the only running back who is a senior this year. In theory, four running backs on the 2014 roster D.J. Foster, Demario Richard, DeChavon Hayes, and Kalen Ballage should be returning for the 2015 season. However, you do have the possibility of Foster declaring for the NFL draft after this year and even if he didn't he and Hayes will be seniors in 2015.

ASU has already started its planning at this position landing Morie Evans, but we could see the Sun Devils adding one more running back in this upcoming class.

Wide Receiver

ASU sitting pretty here as they project to lose just one wideout, Kyle Middlebrooks, following the 2014 season. Nonetheless, Jaelen Strong is another player that could forgo his senior year in favor of the draft. This is why we project two wide receivers to be added in the 2015 class.

Offensive Line

When discussing the 2014 class it has been well documented that this group wasn't addressed as much as the staff wanted it to be, as only two players joined the ranks of the maroon and gold. Granted, tight numbers all across the class and more pressing needs on the other side of the ball contributed to this, but for the 2015 class we expect this position to be one of the highest priorities and have the largest number of players from any role.

There are 13 scholarship offensive linemen on the 2014 roster, and three players will have exhausted their eligibility following this season: Sil Ajawara, Jamil Douglas, and Tyler Sulka. While the team would ideally like to have 15 scholarship players, we can't see five more recruits being added in the 2015 class. That number is probably much closer to four, and we would expect to see one or two junior college additions at offensive tackle here.

Tight End

Another role that will be high on the list of priorities in the 2015 class. Following this upcoming season ASU will lose just one player, De'Marieya Nelson, and return just three players who are largely inexperienced. Therefore, we expect two or three recruits to be added here and one of them is a virtual guarantee to be a junior college player who will naturally be expected to contribute in their first year in Tempe.

Defensive Line

With six additions through the 2014 class, this position will have a total of 12 defensive linemen this year. It will lose just Marcus Hardison, so it doesn't have to stockpile with a handful or more players like it did in this last recruiting cycle.

We are expecting two or three players added here, and much like tight end you can certainly expect one junior college addition at this role.


Looking first at Devil backer, I would expect one player with attributes fitting for this role to be added since Darrius Caldwell will depart following the 2015 season. In the other linebacker roles, including Spur, ASU is stockpiled quite nicely and would probably be OK with bringing in just one non-Devil backer which ASU already has in essence with Nick Ralston, and has also added greyshirted recruit Santana Sterling.


We talked much about the stockpiling of defensive backs in general through the 2014 class, and that really manifested itself with the safety position which at the end of this season stands to be six scholarship players strong. Thus, this is a role that can afford to be picky, if you will, and add just one high caliber prospect, perhaps from the junior college ranks.


ASU isn't losing even one cornerback following the 2014 season, but will have four players exhausting their eligibility the following year. Therefore, the planning ahead begins now with at least two cornerbacks projected to be added and again expect to see one junior college addition in the class.

All in all, we projected on the low end 18 players to be added and that does include the commits and greyshirts already on the books. Naturally, attrition will modify these numbers and add a few more recruits to a total number somewhere in the low 20's.

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