Q&A with Edmond Boateng

The general sense of excitement by players for spring's first practice was probably heightened even more for junior college transfer Edmond Boateng, as he continues his adjustment to Division I football. Following today's session Devils Digest caught up with the former New Mexico Military Institute defensive lineman to discuss his first day of practice and more.

DevilsDigest: Edmond, you just wrapped up your first practice as a Sun Devil, how does it feel right now?

Boateng: "It feels really good. A lot of pre-contemplating, just thinking about it and actually finally doing it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, you know, finally coming to D-I football. I'm really getting after it, I really like it and I'm ready for practice number two."

DevilsDigest: Coming from a junior college, what are some the first things to hit you in practice that showed you right away that this is a very different practice than what you were used to?

Boateng: "Without a doubt the tempo. Just the way the practice orientation is set up. We immediately go into tempo and that took me off guard but it's just a matter of time before I really get into the process of things."

DevilsDigest: What is some of the feedback you got today from your defensive line coach, Jackie Shipp?

Boateng: "I got great feedback from him. He's really supportive and he sees my potential and he is just critiquing me on the small things and every time he tells me I have promising feet and everything like that. Every critique from him is a good one regardless if it's in a negative tone or what not."

DevilsDigest: You've been on campus since January, how has the transition been when it comes to football, academics and just living in Tempe?

Boateng: "When it comes to football, you know, I came from a military background school so just the way the layout is, it isn't really too hard. As for academics I'm not going to boast about myself but it kinds comes easy a little bit. Everything is going well, I'm settling in nice, just going through the motions."

DevilsDigest: You spent your junior college career in the New Mexico Military Institute. How challenging was that environment?

Boateng: "It was definitely different. It was challenging at first but it was just a matter of time until I got my head wrapped around the system and I think that's how you need to apply everything when it comes to approaching something that you think is going to be difficult. In the first it was challenging but the end result obviously paid off, so it wasn't that bad."

DevilsDigest: Head Coach Todd Graham is obviously very big on discipline and character. Coming from the New Mexico Military Institute, does the team culture here at ASU something you feel that is easier to adapt to than other players that came from different high schools or junior colleges?

Boateng: "Yeah, without a doubt. I mean just the way those characteristics that I was based off when I was at New Mexico Military Institute. It molded me into the type of guy I am now. It's so easy and it comes very naturally and I respect everybody with "yes, sir" and "yes, ma'am." It's almost like second nature really. So, definitely an easy adjustment."

DevilsDigest: So many players on this team talk about the strong family feel and brotherhood this team has. What have been your experiences in that aspect?

Boateng: "Definitely when it comes to family I've pretty much, my whole time playing football, I've always had close coaches and this by far raises that standard. Everybody is definitely family and they reach out to my family back in Florida and Virginia area and D.C. area and it's the best thing possible. That's one of the reasons why I came here."

DevilsDigest: There has been a lot of turnover at defensive line and a lot of new players in this group that will arrive in the summer. Do you feel that you have to make a strong and fast impact in the spring so you can establish yourself in the rotation in the fall?

Boateng: "Oh yes, without a doubt. Regardless of the circumstances or the situations in which and the timing of how much players are coming in and whether I need to make a spot. I think you have to approach football that way anyways. I'm not just shooting to have a spot, I'm shooting to have the starting spot. With that being said, yes, it's very important and I'm trying to strive for that top spot."

DevilsDigest: What do you think you need to do in specific to make this a productive spring practice for you?

Boateng: "I think just giving it my all. If I'm able to come out to practice and say to myself "did I come off with a championship attitude every day? Was I bright eyed? Did I go to the characteristics that Todd Graham is really trying to instill in us? If I came out with those characteristics in practice and I can be content with that then I feel like that's how I'm going to get through every practice."

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