Perkins' intentions are clear

Quarterback Bryce Perkins' athletic ability is undeniable, but what has been open for debate among some of his suitors is whether the Chandler (Ariz.) standout can assume the signal caller duties at the next level as well. ASU, who Perkins visited last Saturday is one school that hasn't permanently settled on which position to recruit him as and thus it remains an intriguing option to the QB.

This recent Tempe visit was obviously not the first for Perkins, but it did however carry a different element for the quarterback.

"It was really cool to finally visit there for the first time this year to come see practice," Perkins said, "and being there makes me feel right at home because they run the same type of offense we do. I got to see the new dorms that they built for the freshmen football players and they are just phenomenal. I just love that campus.

"This visit I really got to sit down with Coach Graham and Coach Norvell and see what it's really like as far as the possibilities of the great excitement for an in-state player to commit to ASU. I love the fast paced offense and I love the way Coach Norvell gets after the players and coaches them up. I have a great relationship with Coach Norvell and we keep in contact all the time and I'm more in contact with him than other coaches. He always tells me that the he wants to make sure that the hometown heroes stay home and make ASU the best team and that's the main reason why he keeps in contact with me all the time."

As a junior and first-year starter at quarterback, the 6-3 210-pound Bryce Perkins threw for 2,244 yards, 24 touchdowns and six interceptions, as well as running for 808 yards and 18 touchdowns. Northwestern, Texas, Arizona and Washington are recruiting him as a quarterback, while ASU, the first school to offer him, and several others are pursuing him as an athlete.

"Wherever I commit I'm going there to play as a quarterback," Perkins noted. "I know I can prove everyone that I can play at that position at the next level. Before my junior year I was more of an athlete than a quarterback, but I kept on progressing and progressing and schools that have come down and watch me throw in-person they know I can play quarterback.

"So I feel that any school that wants me just as athlete will offer me as a quarterback when they see me throw now. All I can say is that I know I can prove wrong every school that said I can't play quarterback at the next level."

Could Arizona State be one school that could change its recruitment approach with the Wolves' star?

"I think it's going to change and they (ASU) will start recruiting me as a quarterback," Perkins commented. "Coach Norvell told me how much I progressed and that if I committed there he would give me every chance to play quarterback because he thinks I can make an impact at quarterback.

"I think their view about me playing quarterback is starting to change. Last time Coach Norvell saw me throw was after my freshman year and I made huge progress from that. I think when he comes down here know he will see that. He told me I'm very diverse and I can make any throw any other quarterback can make. He wants his quarterbacks to extend plays and he thinks I can do that naturally without even needing to be coached that."

Both of Perkins' parents were student-athletes at ASU (his father as a football player and his mother as a track athlete) and brother Paul currently plays for UCLA. Yet, Perkins said that neither family faction has been pulling him in a certain direction.

"My parents would love me to go to ASU," Perkins stated, "but at the end of the day they want me to go to the school I think is the best fit for me. They are open-minded, and so is my brother. I don't feel a lot of pull." In the upcoming weeks Perkins plans to visit Washington, Texas and possibly Oregon, as well as attend the Elite 11 Regional Camp. Perkins is naturally aware of the fact that quarterbacks tend to commit prior to the beginning of the season but he hasn't set a time limit as of yet.

"I honestly don't know when I'm going to commit but it probably will be soon," Perkins remarked. "It all depends on who commits where because a lot of schools will only take one quarterback. So when you have all these quarterbacks committing before me options start narrowing down and then you are forced to make a decision."

Perkins admitted that if ASU offered him as a quarterback, the prospect of committing to the Sun Devils at that time would be quite tempting.

"I definitely would put them way up there," Perkins said of that scenario. "There's nothing wrong about staying home and getting my laundry done, getting a home cooked meal…I don't know what's wrong with that.

"When I'm looking for a school I'm going to see how the coaches interact with the players, how the offense fits me, how the players get along…just getting the total vibe of the school and the football team."

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