Q&A with Aaron Pflugrad

The former ASU wide receiver relishes in his graduate assistant job and enjoys help developing the Sun Devil wide receivers.

DevilsDigest: Coaches often say that spring practice is their favorite time of the year because they get to spend more time developing and coaching up players without a game hanging over their heads. From your perspective do you agree with that?

Aaron Pflugrad: "Definitely, it's always great to get back out on the field after a lot of work in the weight room in the winter and just get a chance to be around the guys again and see the advances that they've made as far as developing off the field and then get a chance to apply that and get them ready to go for fall camp."

DevilsDigest: As a graduate assistant on the offense what are you main responsibilities and do they differ between spring and the season itself?

Pflugrad: "Helping the offensive coaches in any way that I can as well as developing the young wide receivers. It's a little bit more focused on developing the wide receivers in the spring and more scout team responsibilities in the fall."

DevilsDigest: You have been working under Mike Norvell for the last two years. Many consider him as one the brightest young offensive minds in college football. What do you think makes him such a talented coach?

Pflugrad: "Just his passion, he brings it every single day. Really cares about the guys and other people and puts their needs first and his ability to see the whole scheme, see the whole game and get the ball in the playmakers hands."

DevilsDigest: You and your family are close to former head coach Dennis Erickson and he is the only ASU coach you played for. Was there any hesitation on your end joining an ASU coaching staff that you literally didn't know anyone on?

Pflugrad: "No. I think it was awesome to get the opportunity from Coach Graham to join his staff. At the end of the day I'm a Sun Devil and I'm real thankful to be a small part of it."

DevilsDigest: On the other hand because you grew up part of your life in Tempe and are very familiar with ASU made your decision easier?

Pflugrad: "Definitely, when you're a young kid growing up and you're around guys like Pat Tillman and Jake Plummer I've considered myself a Sun Devil my whole life and once again I'm just excited to be back and developing these young guys."

DevilsDigest: Your father, Robin Pflugrad, who has been coaching college football for a couple of decades now, is a frequent visitor in spring practice. Do you feel pressure when he's around or you just feel proud that present and watching you at work?

Pflugrad: "No, actually my first two years of college he was my position coach so by now I'm used to it, enjoy having him around and definitely use him as a resource on how to coach certain things, recruiting and what not because he's been real successful everywhere he's been."

DevilsDigest: Granted with so much returning talent on offense and a defense that is largely inexperienced, has the success your group is enjoying in spring probably nothing more than what you expected?

Pflugrad: "The defense has brought it anytime we've been in any scrimmage situations. They've got some good guys that many fans haven't heard of yet but they're making plays over there, we're making plays on offense. Really just trying to create a championship culture where everyone competes as hard as they can every single play and every single day."

DevilsDigest: What are some of the aspect of the offense that you have been pleased about and what are some areas that need the most improvement?

Pflugrad: "We're developing playmakers but it's great when you've got guys like Taylor Kelly and Mike Bercovici leading everybody. I've been real impressed with those guys and everyone else is following their lead and trying to get max effort on every play."

DevilsDigest: As much as you will be a Sun Devil for life do you feel in a few years that you may want to work somewhere else so you can advance your career?

Pflugrad: "I hope not. I hope it ends up working out where I can stay here and continue to move up here but we'll see what God has in store. I'd love to be a Sun Devil for as long as they'd have me."

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