Kirk sees great opportunity at ASU

Whether it is the accomplishments of one time Scottsdale Saguaro teammate and current ASU junior D.J. Foster, or his good friend Tyler Whiley set to be an incoming freshman for the Sun Devils, Christian Kirk's hometown school remains an attractive option as the highly coveted four-star athlete goes through an intense recruiting process.

Ever since his freshman year, Christian Kirk has drawn strong interest of several programs in and outside the region. Yet, a process that has been ongoing for quite a while will actually culminate much earlier than several of his fellow elite 2015 prospects. Kirk is scheduled to graduate in December and will be signing with the team of his choice that month.

"It definitely condenses the process," Kirk said of being a mid-year enrollee. "There are probably schools that I want to still see and won't be able to. But I just have to have a good feeling about the schools that I am going to look at and then choose the one I want to go to in the end.

"The recruiting process has definitely been enjoyable and to think it's already my senior year with how early the recruiting process started, it's crazy. It will be good when it's over with."

The 5-11197-pound Kirk said that Arizona State, a school that has been recruiting him probably earlier than any of his other suitors, has shown him that based last year's 10-4 record and Pac-12 South championship, that it could be an appealing destination for many reasons.

"They obviously had a great year," Kirk commented, "and what they did offensively makes them very attractive. I know that if I go there it's an offense I can make an impact on. So what they did is awesome and for the next couple of years I know they will keep it up.

"When I talk to Coach Norvell and Coach Alexander they see me playing D.J. Foster's role being in the backfield and in the slot, kind of like a hybrid. But they also talk to me about playing just at wide receiver and that is where I ultimately want to play at. I like what they have planned for me and if I came there I know they will put me in the right place."

Scottsdale Saguaro's Head Coach Jason Mohns, feels that the scheme that his Sabercats run is not only conducive to maximize Kirk's talents for his team, but it also a good preparation for ASU's style of play should he choose to join the Sun Devils.

"The up tempo, zone read and all the concepts that Coach Norvell runs we do here too," Mohns said. "So these are things Christian has familiarity with and seeing the career that D.J. has had so far, being the versatile athlete like he is, it's very attractive to him and a system that definitely fits the kind of player that he is.

"Christian has been able to build a relationship with Coach Norvell and Coach Alexander, he's obviously very tight with Tyler Whiley, so those are definitely some positives ASU has going when it comes to recruiting Christian."

Speaking of D.J. Foster, Kirk said he is someone that he has talked to often during the recruiting process but not just about joining the Sun Devils. Whiley and another incoming ASU freshman, one known for his recruiting prowess have conversed with the Scottsdale Saguaro standout in recent weeks as well.

"Me and D.J. formed a good relationship when he was here," Kirk remarked. "He has definitely shown me the ropes and I saw how he took on the whole recruiting process. That is part of the reason I am handling it so well. And we don't always talk about ASU, but also about the process and really anything in life. He's always there for me.

"Tyler is one of my best friends. I was actually with him this past weekend. It's the same with him. We talk about ASU but also talk about the whole process. Good friends like him always have your back and your best interest no matter what decision you make. When Manny Wilkins was staying out here with Tyler, he definitely had his own little recruiting pitch, but it's fine (smiles)."

Yesterday marked Saguaro's first official spring practice. Kirk's versatility has always been one of his main calling cards, and that trait will seemingly be taken to a different level in his senior campaign.

"I have different roles this year and we have a lot of young guys which I'm showing the ropes to," Kirk said. "I'll be in the backfield and at wide receiver, and just like last year I will be moving around a lot. I'm also playing three different spots on defense, at outside linebacker, safety and some corner.

"There is a lot of tradition and pride that goes into this program and we want to continue it. I'm definitely a vocal leader when it's needed. I'm not gonna run around and cuss kids out but when it's time for me to step up and let a teammate know that he is doing something wrong, then I will."

Mohns feels that Kirk's disposition is a factor that has served him well in many aspects, and that he is a true role model in everything he does.

"Everybody talks about him being a great player, but he is even better as a person," Mohns described. "That is what truly makes him special. There are athletes all throughout the country that are gifted playmakers and he is every bit of that. But what sets him apart is that he is a good kid that is respectful and comes from a good family. He's a team guy that gets good grades and doesn't party on the weekends.

"So sometimes people don't talk about how he makes the right choices and that he is a leader. That what makes him special, all the things he does off the field. The way he was raised also helped him deal with the recruiting process. He handled everything with class and he's not an attention seeker."

At this juncture, Kirk plans to only officially visit Texas A&M and Ohio State. Other schools could certainly follow and his plan is to officially visit as many programs as possible even in the shorter time frame he will have.

"I don't feel it's a necessity to visit ASU," Kirk said. "If it comes down to it being the school I want to go to then yes I would officially visit it. But I have been there so many times, seen the atmosphere at the games and that is one of the most important parts of an official visit – seeing that atmosphere and how it is being part of the team. We will see what happens down the line.

"Being close to home ASU is a place that feels comfortable. I like how the coaches and players carry themselves."

Kirk knows that his decision will become official in December and he is also cognizant of the factors that will guide him in that decision.

"When I go visit a School I always look for a family atmosphere," Kirk explained. "I know that if I'm comfortable in a school and have the right guys with me, I will play my best. I also want to go to a program that can hopefully prepare me for the next level if I'm blessed enough to get there."

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