ASU high on local 2016 RB's list

His Letter of Intent Day may be 23 months or so away, and there is no telling where the ebbs and flows of Chase Lucas' recruiting will ultimately land him. Yet, there is no denying that for a while now the hometown Sun Devils have been a program that has been a very strong favorite of the Chandler High School standout.

"Recruiting with Arizona State has been going great," Lucas said. "I am really digging ASU right now. They are number one on my list. Even before Bryce (2014 ASU commit Bryce Perkins) committed there. Besides being close to home, I like how Coach Graham has changed the program completely. Before that I just thought about them as an average program, but now seeing what Coach Graham has done with the program…it's ridiculous. <\P> "Seeing their record and all that, ASU is a very good school." <\P>

The 6-1 180-pound Chase Lucas rushed for 883 yards and 11 touchdowns in his sophomore year, and also hauled in 36 passes for 436 yards and four scores. The Wolves' athlete, who is being recruited by the Sun Devils' offensive coordinator, Mike Norvell, said that his versatility is one trait that has caught ASU's eye. <\P>

"Coach Norvell likes how I'm an all-around athlete," Lucas said. "He told me ‘I'm ready to coach you.' Offense, defense, special teams…no matter where you put me I will play my heart out. I promise any coach that wherever they put me I will be the best on the field. I know that if you give me the ball in the open field I will make something happen. Long gain, touchdown…as long as the ball is in my hands I will make it work. <\P>

"When they (ASU) ask me where I want to play, I tell them it doesn't matter. I guess right now I'm leaning towards the slot wide receiver spot that D.J. Foster plays at. But like I said it doesn't matter to me where I play." <\P>

Lucas said that when observing ASU's offensive scheme, he is especially intrigued by the explosive nature of this unit and their efficient play calling. <\P>

"When I watched their game against Arizona," Lucas recalled, "it was like…wow…this is ridiculous. That's when I really became a fan of ASU. The read zone they have is great, and the offensive linemen are kicking the defensive lineman out and creating a lot of open space for the running backs. One of my highlights of the year was running an outside zone read play like ASU does. <\P>

"I really like how much they use their running backs much more than a lot of other colleges do. I love ASU and their offense and I like how family oriented the team is. That is what D.J. (Foster) told me. No matter where I go family atmosphere is going to be a big reason for my decision. If the coaches treat the players right the players will perform right and the team will win more games. Coach Graham always talks about family and that is a big change he has made with the team. <\P>

"He tells me that no matter who you are, how much you play, you will always be part of the Sun Devil family. That really hit home with me. I love my Mom and my family and they are a big part of me. And I love that Graham is all about family too." <\P>

Lucas has been electronically clocked at 4.44 in his 40-time. He also runs track for Chandler in the 100m, 200m, 4x100m and 4x400, and long jump. A meniscus tear he suffered earlier in the year has scaled back his track and field activities in 2014, as he works out with his squad but doesn't participate in any races. <\P>

As a member of Chandler's track and field team, Lucas has another venue to interact with his quarterback, Bruce Perkins. With the affinity he already felt towards ASU even before his signal caller pledged to the team, Perkins' decision naturally did nothing to adversely impact his enthusiasm. <\P>

"I'm not going to lie," Lucas said, "When Bryce committed to ASU I was thinking about what a great opportunity it would be to play with him over there too. So that really kicked up things between me and ASU. I have another teammate that is thinking about going there, so him and I were thinking about staying true to ASU. <\P>

"I don't really have that much say in my recruiting. It's really up to my parents and my head coach. If it was just up to me I would have already committed to ASU. I can't tell you how excited I am about them. But my parents want me to go through the (recruiting) process. My dad went through the same process and has been giving me good advice on it." <\P>

Just in the last two weeks Lucas was offered by both Notre Dame and Utah, who joined ASU, Arizona and Oregon State as his main suitors. The Chandler standout says that this attention does create some pause in his process and has him evaluating those aforementioned schools. <\P>

"I'm also getting stuff from Oklahoma and Oregon," Lucas remarked. "All I'm thinking about is how I fit in the offense of each school. From what I see so far ASU is the best school that fits me. The biggest thing about my team is speed and being elusive but I do need to get bigger to play running back in college." <\P>

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