Caleb Peart receiving much spring interest

With already an impressive list of offers, and several other programs tracking him closely, suffice to say that it has been a very busy spring for Caleb Peart. The local Chandler Hamilton defensive end has been on Arizona State's radar for quite a while and told Devils Digest that he is enjoying the recruitment process with the Sun Devils.

"Arizona State, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan State, UCLA, and USC…a lot of schools have been here," Peart said. "Being that Hamilton is a big school in the state and you have a lot of top prospects here you kind of expect to have a lot of schools come and see you.

"Spring practice has been different for me because I'm getting a lot of work at linebacker. A lot of schools are recruiting me as the hybrid defensive end/linebacker so I'm splitting my time between the two and it's been cool learning a new position and I have been adjusting well."

Peart said that his pass rushing abilities are the main reason why programs like him at that aforementioned hybrid position in a 3-4 defensive scheme.

"Obviously I'm not the biggest player out there," said the 6-2 230-pound Caleb Peart. "But being able to not only rush but also drop in coverage helps my stock in my recruiting. Being able to do both things can really help you in being versatile and mask a lot of things when you play defense.

"At linebacker I need to play more downhill and on the run, but even on things that I do well like pass rushing, I know I can improve on. Even though I know I'm talented player I know there are always little things I can do better. The worse thing I can do is be overconfident thinking there is nothing I need to improve on."

ASU, Arizona, Boise State, Cal, Northwestern, Utah and Yale are some of the schools who offered Peart, and the hometown Sun Devils were one of the first ones in this aspect, extending an offer to him in October of last year.

"Coach Randolph is recruiting me and he coaches the Devil (hybrid DE/LB) position at ASU," Peart commented. "He's a great guy and I have a great relationship with him. In fact, we go to the same church so I see him every Sunday and that's pretty cool. In my sophomore year they started recruiting me and last summer when they invited me to their camp he said that he wanted to actually see me play at linebacker. That was my first time at that position but I held my own.

"The way I played at that camp really opened their eyes and they offered me last year. They saw that I had good pass rushing abilities and were not worried about my height. I've seen (former Devil backer) Carl Bradford in-person so I know I'm pretty much the same size as him. That Devil backer position was made for Bradford and that the defense was really made for him to play that position. Seeing him play I know that position is a good position for me and that I can really fit in ASU's scheme. Their defense is always attacking and getting after it and that is what I like. I don't want to sit back and react."

The shift in the last couple of years in ASU's team culture, let alone its success on the field hasn't gone unnoticed by this local recruit, who admitted that this aspect has also been very appealing to him in the recruiting process.

"I remember seeing the lack of discipline and the bad grades before Todd Graham got there," Peart remarked. "Now you see a different program, they have a lot of scholar ballers there. Being a hometown hero and staying true to the hometown school are definitely cool things. When you are a local kid and you stay home you definitely get a lot of love from the fans and that's huge and it's also cool that your mom can come and see you every home game.

"The players talk about the strong work ethic the program has and if you have that instilled in you that really helps you succeed. That work ethic really helps you in the transition from high school and helps you stay focused on your studies. They are a lot of positive things there and really at ASU the sky is the limit for them."

Peart noted that Stanford and Cal are definitely two schools he plans to unofficially visit in the summer. UCLA and Vanderbilt are two other possible destinations, and the Hamilton standout added that he could be attending ASU's camp in June.

"I want to take at least a few official visits before I make my decision," Peart stated. "But at the same time if a school is sticking out to me I could commit before the season starts or slightly into the season. Then you will have some schools saying that they have a lot of spots filling up and that I need to decide soon. So we'll see if I decide early or not.

"I don't have a short list, but later on I will trim it. So right now every school that has offered me is pretty much in it and is fair game. I'm definitely looking for a school which has strong academics, a good program where I get along with the coaches…those are the main things I will be looking at."

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