Koetter Coy About Krohn Starting

ASU head Football coach Dirk Koetter came short of declaring sophomore Jeff Krohn as his starter for the season opener against San Diego State. Nevertheless, it would be a colossal upset if anyone one else but the Horizon high school graduate would be taking snaps come September 8th. The biggest news was probably the fact that Andrew Walter is moving up the depth chart.

Koetter started by saying: "I'm pleased to announce that Terrell Suggs will be our starting defensive end thank you very much (smile)…" The head coach has indicated that he won't make an official announcement about the starting quarterback until a week or so before the first game. So, when asked about the timing of the announcement, he replied: "I didn't make an announcement…I guess if you read that stuff on the internet you have to believe it. We made a decision on who will practice with the first team, and that's Jeff Krohn. We got three weeks until we play, so we'll see what happens. Jeff is playing the best right now; he's the most efficient. Whether it's his experience or work ethic, I'm not sure. All the guys have worked hard, but it's time for us to narrow down the reps. It's very close on that number 2 spot between Cooper and Walter. Andrew has gotten a lot better in the last week, and continues to close the gap. We'll work with those two guys. You never know what will happen. With Chad Christensen, if we don't get into any injuries we will try and redshirt him…Jeff has just been more efficient. His decision-making and his quickness in which he makes decisions is far and away the best. In this type of offense, that's what you have to have. All the others are making progress, and there's nothing wrong with our talent at this position. They all are adjusting, but Krohn has the most sense of urgency…We talked to Walter about being a better finisher in his plays. Whether it's a successful play or not, he tends to give up on a play. When a play breaks down you can't give up on it, that's when good things can happen. In the last few practices, he really has come a long way in that area…We just have to get ready for San Diego State at this point, and Jeff is doing the best job, so he'll get the reps."

The starting quarterback had this to say: "I think I improved from last year just having more experience and confidence. The coaches are very energetic and they instill confidence, which runs through the team. We're doing a good job, and this coaching staff with all the changes they bring is helping us…We were told as a group that we did a lot of good things, but we need to continue and improve on the things we missed. We started game planning already…All I know right now that I'm running the first team. It would be very disappointing to me if I didn't start against San Diego State."

The biggest injury so far on the squad, is to wide receiver Donnie O'Neal. He can't wait to return, and doesn't care who's throwing the passes: "I think Krohn has more experience from last year, and it shows. Last year no one gave him a chance because he was a walk-on freshman quarterback. He had some games that he played very well. He knows what to expect now, and he can build on that…I have been telling everybody that it doesn't matter if him or Cooper are throwing the ball to me. They are both very consistent in throwing the ball, and both can make plays. It doesn't matter to us receivers. We still need to do our jobs and run good routes." On his injury, the senior said: "My shoulder feels great, and I will hopefully start practicing full speed in a week. I will try and get in as much work as I can in full pads. I expect to play and start against San Diego State."

Hakim Hill, who had an awesome display in Tontozona's scrimmage, is realistic if his chances to play: "I had a chance to come down from my high in Tontozona. It was a great day, but you have to keep your feet on the ground. I haven't done anything yet; I have a long way to go. It's up to the coaches to decide if I will redshirt or not." On the first two days of school, Hill had this to say: "First two days of school are going great. Unlike high school and summer school, you get to take classes that you're interested in…"

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