Pertile stands out in ASU's Elite Camp

Even among offensive linemen it is still easy to tell apart the boys from the men, and Brandon Pertile is certainly part of the later group. Then again, as a JC player it was only natural to detect the difference between him and his counterparts on Sunday. DevilsDigest caught up with Pertile to get his impressions of the camp, and his recruiting process with Arizona State and his other suitors.

"I thought it was a great experience and I'm glad I did it," Pertile said. (ASU's offensive line) Coach Thomsen is a great coach, as well as the whole entire staff. They're all obviously really good coaches and I definitely got a good vibe from them, like a family atmosphere. It was a good experience and I look forward to keep building my relationship with Coach Thomsen.

"Coach was really trying to encourage me to trust my punch in pass (protection) and I think if I master that I'll be a lot better at pass (protection). The rest (of the feedback) was just mechanical and counterattacking."

The 6-6, 295-pound Brandon Pertile reported weight room marks of 385 lbs. on the power clean, 455 squatting and 365 benching. With those stats, it's probably no surprise what happens to be one of the biggest aspects that attracts him to Arizona State.

"I love, I love, I love that they run more than they pass," exclaimed Pertile. "That's just awesome. I didn't even know that was in the Pac-12. Honestly, that's huge. And I love the scheme and the plays; it's all familiar stuff. We used to run the same plays. Honestly, I like everything about it. It's a good team. Everybody's family. I met a lot of the guys and they're all great guys. Obviously the coaches are really good at recruiting so they're talented and they're great character guys. I haven't had the chance to really check out the school aspect of it, but I know that it's one of the most prestigious schools in the country."

The lineman holds offers from Utah, East Carolina, Memphis, Buffalo, South Florida and Utah State among others. Schools such as Oklahoma State, Wisconsin and Louisville have been showing interest and in terms of ASU's involvement Pertile is hopeful that the interest level will elevate following his camp performance.

"Most of them (his suitors) are waiting for game film to send out the offer," Pertile commented. "I just left Coach Thomsen's office and he's going to have a meeting with Coach Graham and he said he's going to get back to me this week about sending out the offer or if they're going to wait and see game film first.

"Coach Thomsen just said to keep working hard and that I shouldn't have a problem getting to where I want to go. He said he's pretty sure that Arizona State will be an option for me. He just said that he's got to get with and talk to the other coaches. I'm pretty interested in Arizona State, so we'll see what happens."

Pertile prepped at Countryside High School in Clearwater, Fla. and signed with Georgia State as part of their 2013 class. His desire to play at a higher caliber school prompted him to make the cross-country move.

"Coaches here at Mesa are great recruiters that can help me get better offers," Pertile explained. "I thought it may have been a risk to go to junior college after playing Georgia State, but I had two Division I offers out of high school and now I have nine, so obviously it wasn't a risk."

The lineman is scheduled to graduate in December and will be three for two in terms of eligibility. Due to the fact that he will be a mid-year transfer he would like to make his pledge early, but his circumstances could have him waiting longer to do that.

"I should have a general idea by December and I want to be committed before signing day so I don't have to worry about another guy signing and losing my spot," Pertile said. "I just want to make sure I make the best decision possible, so I'm going to take my time and evaluate everything that I can. But I don't even have game film (from Mesa Community College) to put out yet, so I'm not going to decide before the season starts.

"I definitely want to come to a program that is already successful. I'd like to continue that and play for a national championship. On top of that, I really want to be part of a family at my next school. I love playing with my brothers and guys I can trust and that's huge."

Byron Kline contributed to this article.

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