ASU making a strong impression on Nathe

Growing up a Sun Devil fan, Marshal Nathe is naturally very familiar with the Arizona State program. The 2016 Peoria Centennial offensive lineman had an even a more up close and personal experience with the hometown school during ASU's Elite Camp last Sunday. Nathe shared his impressions from this event and talked to Devils Digest about his recruitment with the school.

"Oh man, it was a lot of fun," Nathe said of the event. "It was a great experience. Being able to run some reps with some talented players and getting coached by a talented coach, just all around it was a really good experience."

Nathe said that he valued the feedback that he got during and after camp from Arizona State's offensive linemen's coach, Chris Thomsen.

"I had different (sets) were my hands were a little quick and my feet were slow, or my feet were quick and my hands were slow," Nathe commented. "So I've got some more work to do on getting that timing down and get both to be quick and just being the best player I can.

"He liked my speed, and realized that I have a mean streak. It was just nice. He gave me some nice compliments all around and said that he definitely saw the potential of how good I can be and that he just enjoyed working with me. It was a nice compliment."

The 6-3 294-pound Marshal Nathe is a four-star prospect ranked by's as the nation's no. 9 offensive guard in the 2016 class. The lineman reported weight room marks of 400 lbs. benching, 500 lbs. squatting and 290 lbs. on the power clean. He said that while he could play at center if needed, that he will play guard his junior year and that it is the position that his suitors have been pegging him at during the recruiting process.

During Sunday's camp ASU Head Coach Todd Graham addressed all the parents in attendance, including Nathe's mother and father who have been attending Sun Devil games for several years now and have been delighted with the program's resurgence under Graham. The lineman shares those sentiments and the team's offensive scheme is another aspect that has grabbed his attention.

"From my perspective, they're a little quicker paced and that's something I do enjoy," Nathe admitted. "I know from personal experience that I've been told I'm fast for a lineman and that's one advantage I could have. Honestly, just all around they've been one of my top colleges since I was a little boy. It just runs in the family.

One former ASU offensive lineman that Nathe has become very familiar with is Scott Peters, who trains him.

"He's definitely the one I look up to," Nathe noted. "He went to ASU. He played in the NFL. He's a great guy and a mentor. He's not leading me anywhere. He just has my back. It's more that he just trains me. He doesn't give me any opinions. He just wants me to go where I'll best be suited."

Aside from the pure football aspect of the Sun Devil program, Nathe has been impressed with other facets of ASU which has obviously been easy to learn of due to the geographic proximity.

"Academically they have a very good law school," Nathe stated. "And from there I'd be able to be close to my parents because we're a pretty tight family and I'd be able to support my brothers. And the campus, it's just familiar. I wouldn't have to learn anything new.

"In my eyes it's the best environment."

During the off-season Nathe hasn't visited any other school aside from ASU, as he devotes himself to the success of his high school team, a squad that lost several starters and will have a new offensive coordinator to boot. "It's just time for the leaders to kind of stick around and build the family back," he explained.

Nathe did visit UCLA and Washington last year and described each visit as a great experience. He believes however that his first scholarship offer would come from either ASU, Arizona or Michigan State. Regardless of when that offer will arrive, this 2016 prospect doesn't appear to be in any hurry to announce his pledge.

"I think I would probably wait until the end of my senior year," Nathe remarked. "That's what my brother did and I would of course want him to come and give me his opinion. And from there I would just want to make the best decision for myself.

"As of right now, staying close to home is not a very huge factor. That of course would be one positive of going to ASU. But as far as that being a deciding factor, that's not really in the question. Probably one at the top would be the environment with the coach. I feel like I'm very flexible with the coaching aspect of things where I can get ripped into and learn from that and wouldn't have to shut down or anything like that. As far as that, it would just be the environment with the team and the coaching staff and the morals.

"I've been raised to have character and that's why ASU would probably be one of my tops because their character level is just quite amazing to me."

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Byron Kline contributed to this article

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