ASU Fan Photo Day

If this event was any indication, the Sun Devils faithful will be anything but apathetic about the Football team. Fans started lining up at the door over an hour before the event started, and maneuvering among the crowd was not an easy task. The event, unlike years past, was held at the Wells Fargo Arena, and even the chilly breeze of the air-conditioning couldn't cool off the enthusiasm of the fans attending today's event.

Defensive Coordinator Brent Guy:

"It's been great to get a lot of fans here, especially the kids. I think it's nice that we got it indoors so the fans can last a little longer (smile)…I hope the crowds here are indicative of the number of fans we'll get this year. I know the coaches and the players are excited. There's a lot of enthusiasm, and that's the way it usually is in the pre-season, when anticipating a new season."

Here's what the fans had to say about fan photo day, as well as their expectation of the upcoming season (I apologize in advance for any misspellings :-) )

Buck Larson, Queen Creek: "I'm real excited about the crowd here (at fan photo day). They are more people here than last year, and they were more in Tontozona. Ticket sales are up too. I expect big things from the team this year. I expect 8 wins."

Jon Tank, Glendale: "I think this event today started out slow, but more and more people are coming. I think it helped that the event was indoors. I think this team is underrated. The Pac-10 sports writers rated us very low, but above U of A! Anything above U of A counts! But I think we are much underrated than anybody thinks."

Paul Merdecki, Phoenix: "I think the fan support this year will be much better than last year. I think after three mediocre years, this year will be better. I think the fans will give Koetter a couple of years, if we fall flat on our face. I think Koetter is much more upbeat than Snyder who was laid back. I think Koetter makes the team believe they can play much better than they believe they actually can. I think we'll be 6-5."

Mike Lehew, Phoenix: "I hope the turnout today is an indication for what kind of fan support we'll get this year. I think we didn't get that many fans, since the event wasn't publicized enough. If we're not 7-4 or 8-3, I will be disappointed. We have too much talent; we have too many people up for pre-season awards. The coach has to make it work here."

Tony Parker, Mesa: "Great turnout today, and I'm happy it's indoors because last year was pretty hot. It's great to see all the players and coaches. Every year I have big expectation for the team. I expect them to be better than .500, and get to a bowl game. My employer Wright Toyota and Wright Honda in Scottsdale are big supporters of the program."

Benny Yee, Phoenix: "I would have liked to see more people here, but it's great to have the people that are here. It's always great to pump up the fans before the season starts. I like coach Koetter. He's young and has some progressive ideas. Nothing against Snyder, but we got pretty stale the last few years. Koetter brings more energy to the program, keeps the players hyped up. We have a lot of returning starters, and we finished with a winning record in the top half of the conference, I'll be satisfied."

Dan Varner, Chandler: "I think this event is great. I think the players are being very friendly with the kids. I think the coaches are doing a great job. The kids were practicing late last night, and here there bright and early in the morning signing autographs. I don't have any expectations. I'm just with the team from the get-go and we'll see how they do."

Gary Dawson, Chandler: "Great turnout today. From what I've seen from coach Koetter, I do like him. I have no prediction for what kind of record we'll have, but I hope we go all the way this year."

Travis Vreedlove, Mesa: "We have a lot of fans here, everybody seems to be excited about the team and the coach. I think the coach brings a lot of attitude and energy to the program, and we need it the last few years. I wouldn't be disappointed with an 8-3 record."

Garrich Black, Scottsdale: "I was expecting more people here. Sounds like we had a good camp. The coach had a god record where he came form. The players seem to be excited to play for him. I think there's a positive mentality about the team. I predict an 8-3 record with a win over U of A!"

Brent Summers, Mesa: "It seems like a dawn of a new era. I think there's more intensity with Koetter at the helm. I can really expect an 8-3 season, a win over the U of A, and a win in a new year's bowl. We're gonna make some noise and surprise some folks in the Pac-10 this year."

On average it seems that the fan perception is very positive of coach Koetter and the style that he brings to this year's team. Granted, the pre-season is the time where eternal hope runs rampant. Nevertheless, if Koetter's style can bring ASU fans off the fence and into Sun Devil stadium, an avalanche of momentum can occur in the valley of the sun. And once that momentum starts rolling, there's no telling where it will stop…

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