Two-team race for Efianayi?

For weeks now Daytona (Fla.) State wing Tanksley “Tank” Efianayi has reportedly narrowed down his choices to St. John’s which he visited two weekends ago, and Arizona State which he visited this past weekend. With those two official visits now behind him where does Efianayi stand in his recruiting process and what is his timetable? Devils Digest caught up with the ASU prospect after his Tempe trip

“It was a cool visit and I didn’t know that Arizona State was going to be this nice,” Efianayi said following his trip. “A lot of the things surprised me on the visit. I saw pictures (prior to his trip) of the basketball facility but it was even nicer (in-person). It was like a pro facility. It was surprising to me that this was the biggest campus in the country and how nice it is…I didn’t know what to expect being in the middle of the desert and this was almost like a vacation spot.

“Everything was just really A-1. Everything pretty much blew me away.”

The 6-5 210-pound Tanksley Efianayi averaged 15.7 points and 6.4 rebounds per game as a freshman, and shot 48.5 percent from the field 31 percent from three-point range.

“The (ASU) coaches like my versatility because I can play and guard multiple positions on the floor,” Efianayi stated. “They like the potential of where my game is right now and where it can get to, and how I can help them when their senior wings graduate. I really like their playing style because they like to play fast, put up a lot of threes and in the half court do a lot of pick and roll.

“My dribble pull-up jumper is my strength and I’m quick getting to the basket. One thing I need to work on my game is getting my handles tighter and not being loose with my ball handling. My range from three-point needs to be more consistent, and I need to be a better defender too.”

Efianayi was hosted by Shaquielle McKissic and Savon Goodman, and got invaluable player perspective from these current Sun Devils.

“They said that Arizona State is a really great spot,” Efianayi described, “and they like the coaches and everybody else here and that’s coming from players that transferred from a different college saying that this is a family-oriented environment. That’s a great feeling and that’s something I like to hear. Because if it feels like home you won’t feel homesick.

“I only have two years left to play in college. I don’t have time after I get there to figure out if it’s the right or wrong school for me and transfer somewhere else. I know I’m wanted there because I asked the players how they think they would be this year and the year after that and they said ‘we will be even better with you.’ That really stuck out in my mind.”

Even when it comes to former players, the Daytona State star was impressed with that aspect as well.

James Harden is one of my favorite NBA players,” Efianayi admitted. “He works out with their (ASU’s) strength coach all the time. Before he went to the Team USA camp and after he won the gold medal he worked out with that coach and that’s big.”

Florida State, Kansas State, Alabama, Iowa State and Texas Tech are some of the wing’s other suitors aside from the two aforementioned schools he has visited. Efianayi remarked that he may not be done visiting other schools, even if that were only to take place months from now.

“I’m still weighing everything and I will be talking to my head coach later today,” Efianayi said. “We’re gonna see. The top two schools for me right now are the schools I visited. Whether I take more visits? I don’t know. I’m probably not going to take anymore visits in the fall so there’s a possibility I will be only signing in April (rather than November).

“But I wish I could get this over with as soon as possible. Our season is getting ready to start here real soon.”

Iowa State, Alabama and Texas Tech are some schools Efianayi mentioned as official visit destinations if indeed he decided to explore other options.

“I’m looking at how players interact with the coaches and if it’s family environment,” Efianayi said when listing the factors that will determine his decision. “Playing time when I come in as a junior, how do I fit their playing style…will I like living there? I’m also going to look at the education.”

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