White eager to begin college football chapter

When reviewing the list of Arizona State’s current 19 commits of their 2015 recruiting class, very few players in that group come with as many accolades as four-star quarterback Brady White. The signal caller who arrived in Tempe and will begin the spring semester Monday knows his early arrival can only aid him in beginning his ASU tenure on a strong note.

“I don’t feel nervous or much pressure,,” White said, “and I’m just excited to start this new chapter in my life. I’m getting to work out as a Sun Devil and be part of the team and getting ready for school too. I’m just looking forward to growing with this group of guys and this coaching staff for the 2015 season.”

“In order to have a good freshman year I need to first of all take care of business academically which I know I will. Football wise I need to work my tail off so I can show what I’m capable of doing and be the guy, but also a good teammate. I’m going to build relationships with my teammates so I can earn their respect, because that will go a long way.”

White is ready for any responsibility his freshman season will bring him, knowing that his role will ultimately be designated for the greater good of the team.

“I’m going to give it my best shot and go out there and compete,” White commented. “The coaches will put together the team in the best position to win games so whether that’s me starting, being second string, redshirting…whatever they have planned for me I’ll be happy with it and roll with the flow. With that being said, I obviously want to be on the field playing as soon as possible and I will do everything I can to get there.”

White who hails from Newhall, Calif. is very familiar with his fellow Southern California native and current starting Arizona State quarterback, Mike Bercovici. White is appreciative having that prior relationship with the Sun Devil senior who he knows will be an invaluable resource for him.

“He’s going to be a big part of my growth as a player and as a teammate,” White stated. “He has obviously learned a lot from Taylor Kelly and did really well with the games he played in last year. Being here for four years he knows the offense very well. He’s going to be my teacher and I look forward to learning from him and grow with the advice he gives me.

“I know I’ll be great friends with him, Manny (Wilkins), Coltin (Gerhart) and a lot of the other players as well. We’ll all be competing with each other and also helping each other out. That’s part of being teammates. I’m super excited to be here and be part of the family.”


In his senior year at Santa Clarita’s William S. Hart High School, the 6-2 190-pound Brady White completed 243 of 392 passes for 3,725 yards and 45 touchdowns, and had 19 interceptions. White also rushed for 433 yards on 177 carries and had seven scores on the ground for the 8-4 Indians.

White is rated by Scout.com as the 10th best 2015 quarterback in the country. Prior to his senior season, White finished fifth in the highly regarded Elite 11 quarterback national competition. Following that event, Scout.com’s National Scouting Director, Brandon Huffman, had this to say about ASU’s incoming freshman in an interview to the Arizona Republic’s Doug Haller.

"I've seen Brady a ton over the last three years, and I'd say over the course of an entire week this is the best he's ever looked,” Huffman described. “He was just sharp. … He's always been really good at decision making and making the right reads, but you're beginning to see him take more command of the huddle. During 7-on-7, this was a group of guys that he had just started throwing to for the first time the day before … and you just saw players responding to him. He's really become the complete package.

“His biggest development will be physically. He's still got to get a little thicker. If there's one area in his game that he needs to continue to work on, it's the up-field throws, just getting better up-field arm strength. Those up-field throws may flutter depending on how far he's trying to throw it. But that's really the only development that I think needs to be made because much like Manny Wilkins last year, he really does have that 'it' factor, and I think his understanding of an offense and his ability to read defenses are better than anyone I've seen Arizona State get in quite some time. That should be a pretty fun quarterback battle to watch next year."

(Full article link can be found at http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/college/asu/2014/07/11/asu-commit-brady-white-elite-11-performance-reaction/12540493/)

White’s self-assessment following the 2014 campaign shared many of those same sentiments.

“I noticed improvement with my mobility and making plays with my legs a little more,” White said of his senior year. “I think my leadership took a very big step forward my senior year. I always prided myself on my mechanics, being sound with my throwing motion and I think I have been very consistent with the things I’m already good at.

“There is never going to be an area where you’re too good. There is always room for improvement. So I will look to get better in each and every category that I can. I was satisfied with my senior year and if we could have gone a little farther in the playoffs that would be great. I was happy to play with the guys I've been playing with since I was a little kid, and to fulfill the dreams together we had as little kids was awesome.”

Speaking of childhood friends, White’s favorite aerial target for several years now, wide receiver Trent Irwin, was heavily considering joining his high school teammate in Tempe this year. White however claimed he wasn’t shocked when Irwin just a few days ago committed to Stanford.

“He kept putting off his decision and I wish that he had done more with the recruiting process than he did,” White said. “But I’m proud of him and Stanford is a great spot. Obviously I wished he ended up as a Sun Devil and that’s where I thought he would fit the best. But he has his own opinions and the thought process he went through, and all I could have done is what I did and I know the coaching staff did everything it did. At the end of the day it’s his decision and we are moving on. It’s not to the end of the world.

“I still have much love for him and at the same time I’m going to try and beat him on the field. We are always going to be best friends and I support him even though he chose Stanford. He came and talked to me before he committed and that shows a lot of respect, and I’m thankful because he really didn’t have to do that. That shows what kind of relationship we have.”


White’s impressive list of high school football honors culminated with his participation earlier this month in the prestigious U.S. Army All-American Bowl Game, which featured some of the best 2015 prospects nationwide. White’s West squad won a close 39-36 decision, as the quarterback completed 6-8 passes for 70 yards and a touchdown in that contest.

“It was a great experience because I got to be up there with some of the premiere athletes across the country and it was an awesome week,” White reflected. “We got to do a lot of events, give back to the community and all that good stuff. So the experience was amazing already and on top of that we got to play in one of the most highly promoted games across the nation. I’m happy with how our team did and we won, and I was happy with my performance. I’m very blessed to be out there.”

White said that after watching the T.V. broadcast of that game, he was naturally very pleased with the NBC announcers heaping quite a bit of praise on the Sun Devils for both their back to back 10-win seasons as well as their 2015 recruiting accomplishments to date. The quarterback said that this positive perception of ASU wasn’t lost on the various participants of this bowl game.

“There are definitely a lot more guys now noticing what ASU has to offer,” White said, “they see what kind of program we are building and what we can do with Coach Graham and his staff, and people want to be part of it just like me and all the other commits. It’s a special place and it’s unique and you can’t even put it into words unless you come out here and really check it out. People that come here on their official visits get to see what an awesome place this is.”


White is one of a handful of 2015 recruiting class early enrollees at ASU, and the quarterback couldn’t be happier with the numerous benefits a mid-year transfer status can offer true freshmen such as himself.

“Off the field I think the advantages are being situated in the school, in my dorms, and getting used to the way of life,” White explained. “It will be an easier transition than to come here in the summer and hoping right into it and you’re going. I love my roommate, Nick Ralston, and we are already getting along really well getting our room together all set. So getting that sense of comfort with your roommate is a big advantage and you’re not in a big rush. It gets you ahead and gets you on track to graduate in 3.5 years and that’s huge.

“On the field getting in the weight room early, filling out my body, getting on that meal plan and be eating all the time…learning the playbook and getting more time to digest that and really understand it. Coming in early I know that Coach Norvell and Mike Bercovici will have more time to walk you through it than if you came in the summer. So that’s a huge advantage. If I pick up the offense quickly maybe I will have a chance to compete and play on the field, get more reps in the spring. Things like that are huge because you’ll have more knowledge going into your second year. So being here early is a huge advantage.”


Granted, when Brady White committed to ASU this past May, this was a program that already was coming off one of its best seasons in school history winning the Pac-12 South championship. Not that the quarterback needed any further validation as to the positive trajectory of the Sun Devils, yet a 10-3 mark in 2014 could only further validate his decision and elevate the already high level of excitement he has as he gets ready to commence his college football career.

“We have a big time program and we look to get better and better each year,” White said. “Coach Graham preaches championships, specifically Rose Bowl and National Championships. That’s our goal year in and year out. The coaches are going to get us ready for those and work us hard. All the players on this team expect those goals and if they didn't that is not what we’re looking for. We want guys who want to win and win it all. I’m very excited and very appreciative of the opportunity I have to go in and possibly play (as a freshman).”

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