Chris Karpman Becomes New Scout ASU Publisher

Effective March 1st, Former Rivals publisher Chris Karpman and his content team will be taking the reigns of, the new Arizona State site on Scout.

"We simply couldn't be more excited to be joining the network and consider this the perfect partnership to maximize the reach and caliber of our product, "said Karpman. "We have a long-established mission statement that starts with an aim of delivering Arizona State fans the very best and most reliable experience possible with regard to coverage of the program's athletics and recruiting, and unquestionably enhances our ability to do that. It's already abundantly clear to us that there is a great and essential pairing of experience and infectious energy at that starts from the top down and permeates the entire culture. To be able to be a part of this, particularly in the West, where there are some of the very best and most esteemed analysts and site publishers to be found in the industry, is extremely exciting. The commitment by to provide the possible product to its staff, partners and consumers is clearly evident and we are proud to be entering into this relationship."

"We are thrilled that Chris and Kevin Stewart have decided to join us," said Scout VP of Content Development, Joel Cox. "We've enjoyed a dominant position in the PAC 12 for years, but this past year we decided that we wanted push all in with the couple of key publishers that could make us even stronger. We set out to sign Ryan Abraham of and Chris. Having both join the network ensures that our PAC 12 coverage is second to none, and that fans of USC and Arizona St, as well as the rest of the conference get the best possible coverage."

"The momentum that has been earned by in part by the decisions by publishers at Notre Dame, USC and Maryland sites to move to from, as well as Chip Brown's addition in the Texas market, coupled with the network's aggressive and creative approach, has been eye-opening to me because it speaks clearly to the overriding approach to doing business," said Karpman. "There is a cultural progressiveness that is unmistakable and precisely what we want to identify and align ourselves with in order to stay at the forefront of this industry for many years to come."

Karpman and his team, which features long-time Recruiting Analyst Kevin Stewart, will be assisted by Scout National Recruiting analysts, Greg Biggins and Brandon Huffman, as well as regional experts Jason Jewell, Doug Kimmel, and National Basketball Recruiting Analyst, Josh Gershon.

"I've known Chris for close to a decade and have tremendous respect and admiration for his work" said Biggins. "He's a grinder who hits the camp circuit hard in football and basketball, has great relationships and contacts and I'm thrilled to be working with him. I think we already owned the market out west and adding Chris will only enhance that and take Scout to another level."

"From afar, I’ve admired the work ethic and coverage that Chris provided for Arizona State fans while on another network and I feel with his approach to the job, passion for recruiting and team coverage and his commitment to the readers and members, he will join a Pac-12 team on Scout that is already the industry leader and standard and it will only be getting stronger by Chris joining the Scout network,” said Brandon Huffman, Scout’s Director of Recruiting.

Former Scout publisher, Hod Rabino will be replacing Karpman as the Rivals Arizona State publisher.

"We owe a great deal of gratitude to Hod for his hard work through the years," said Cox. "At the end of the day, we felt we needed to make the move to bring a publisher on board who could work full-time on the site. The business continues to get more competitive, and we felt Chris gave us a better chance to succeed over the long-term. He's a full-time publisher, and that is super important to us as our network continues to grow. We tried our best to keep Hod on board as part of the team, but it seems he felt that moving to Rivals would be a better move for him. We wish him the absolute best"

"After careful deliberations I decided to end my tenure as the Website Publisher on," said Rabino. "Effective March 1st I will be the Website Publisher on the network. This wasn’t an easy decision for me by any means and a resolution that I felt was the prudent choice for to make at this time. I would like to thank all the fine folks here at for their support over the last 13 or so years. I cannot express enough the enormous gratitude I have for the Sun Devils fans who have supported during the last several years. My staff and I never have and never will take your patronage for granted."

Subscribers who have followed Karpman while at Rivals will have the opportunity to join him at Scout with a very special limited time offer. For the next 48 hours, new subscribers can get 6 months for the price of 1 month simply by selecting the MONTHLY subscription option. Customers will be billed for the first month, and after will be comped 5 additional months at no cost when they subscribe on a monthly plan. Click here now for this limited time offer.

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