Players self-evaluate Pro Day performances

Several Arizona State players all but guaranteed they will be taken in the top half of next month's NFL Draft with their performances at the school's pro day Friday in Tempe. What did top performers think of their performance?

Jaelen Strong: "This can make or break you right here, this is the biggest job interview of my life."

"My film says it all I believe. The biggest thing for me is speed. Everyone had me second or third round. I knew what I was going to at the combine. I was confident the whole time. I worked on my speed but nothing has changed for me, I always knew I had speed."

"Just thinking about when I first got here to ASU, it's a big process and my life has changed tremendously. I have got to just stay humble."

"I remember when I was that kid watching Vince Young go, watching Reggie Bush go. It's a big thing for me to watch my name pop up on that screen, I might shed a tear."

Marcus Hardison: "I thought it was a great experience coming out and competing. I think I had personal records coming out here today so it felt good."

"I'm over here complaining with one of the scouts who said I ran a 4.92, I said it's a 4.8 but I"m fine with that too. I just came out and had fun."

"Went to the senior bowl, they kind of threw me at 3-technique (tackle), it was a different experience. I just wanted to show that I can play [anywhere]. I've been underrated as a player but I don't let that stop me."

"I gained a little weight just because I was lazy after the (Sun) Bowl, I can't lie to you. But during the season I was between 300-305 playing defensive end so not too bad but I've got to get back to the 290s."

"That's what makes me a good pick, because I'm versatile. I've played every position on the line [last season] from 9 (technique) all the way to a zero. I'm comfortable wherever. I'd rather play a 3-tech because I feel like at the next level that's something I can excel at."

Jamil Douglas: "I just wanted to be as explosive as I could be. That was the main thing. I've improved on some of my numbers since the Combine so just wanted to show them that. Mainly in the L-drill and 5-10-5 (shuttle). At the end of the combine you're kind of dead (legged) a little bit so I came out here and did that."

"Definitely (happy), especially with the position work I did, I think I showed I am a strong guy, an explosive guy and showed I can play all different positions along the offensive line."

"It's been a long process to be honest, started after the bowl game, headed out after two days off and went to start training. It's been a long one but also fun, getting a chance to meet other guys from different parts of the country and getting to play against the best competition, it's bene a fun process."

"I think [guard] but I think I showed I can play tackle as well. That's important in the NFL. They want a guy that is versatile. Me being able to play both positions is only going to help me more."

"I have the Bengals, the Cardinals, the Lions and two others, a total of five (visits) set up in the next month. I"m looking forward to showing my athleticism and versatility."

"I don't pay attention to mock drafts and things like that.I think I've put myself in the best position possible. The tape is already out. If they are scouting that, I think I've put enough good tape out against quality opponents so we'll see come draft day."

Taylor Kelly: "I want to play. I'm excited. I'm going to go home and have a little get together, Draft party with my family and friends, be around them and just enjoy the moment. Hopefully when a team calls me and I get picked up I'm going to go out there and embrace it and go after it just like I did here. It's a new story and I can't wait for it."

"Just my speed, the different agilities in the drills, my throwing mechanics. I can throw any route they have in the NFL, the deep post, the come backs, the in-cuts and I think we did that pretty good with the guys we had. The guys we had ran well. I'm impressed with the guys we had today and it was a lot of fun."

"I've been working with Mike [Giovondo] and Dennis Gile and they've been training me the past eight weeks, changing those mechanics and they've helped me a lot and I feel so much better since the end of the season. I just made it a circle, I was really lifting the football and now I'm really dropping it and making that circle and having more velocity with the football."

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