A conversation with Shawn Slocum

Arizona State's new special teams coordinator and outside linebackers coach (Devil and Spur position) spoke with us following his first spring practice since joining the program after eight years coaching for the Green Bay Packers.

Chris Karpman: What were your thoughts on the first day out here?

Shawn Slocum: "Very impressive organization, high tempo, we've got an athletic team and guys worked hard."

Karpman: Todd Graham said special teams improvement is a major point of emphasis this year which of course led to his hiring you. What are the foundational aspects you want to implement or change in order to effect success?

Slocum: "Creating an environment of achievement, creating a training regimen where guys understand what to do and let that translate to the games. We've talked in depth about what he wants to get done and I'm just working to accomplish that. It's still about the ball. You have x-amount of time in meeting and x-amount of time on the field and we're trying to maximize that."

Karpman: You're also working with Devil and Spur positions now, what are your initial thoughts on some guys like Isamel Murphy-Richardson and Marcus Ball?

Slocum: "I think [Murphy-Richardson is] a good looking explosive athlete. Marcus Ball looks like he's doing well. It's been one day but I like the way the guys worked."

Karpman: Do you watch film on personnel to get a feel for them or do you prefer to come in during the spring without really delving into that too much and having a fresh perspective?

Slocum: "I think it's important I take all the information I can from all the resources I've got here but at the same time I'm going to form my own opinions on what I see guys do because I think that's just fair."

Karpman: What do you think of coach Graham's defensive approach and how well suited is it for what you like to do in that regard?

Slocum: "Very aggressive attitude on defense. Try to force the issue to the offense and we share a similar philosophy, particularly when I was back coaching at Texas A&M."

Karpman: Is it kind of the same as when you used to coach in college because you have extensive roots, or has it changed much and is it a lot different coaching at this level?

Slocum: "It's different. These are young men that are maturing. These guys still have classes obligations and the professional athlete, it's a job. It's quite a bit different but at the end of the day it's still a game. Recruiting has changed. It looks like the recruiting procedure has changed quite a bit particularly with the way information is traveled around. I'm looking forward to it, it's another competition."

Karpman: How will your role be in recruiting given your extensive experience in the South, Texas, Louisiana, and Southern California?

Slocum: "We're going to continue to do it the way they've been doing it. I'll have an area and then we'll identify certain position players and we'll go after those guys and sign them."

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