Q&A: ASU signee Maurice O'Field

Maurice O'Field signed with Arizona State after averaging 15.9 points last season as a freshman at Midland Junior College in Texas. We spoke with the Ohio native following his decision and have this question and answer session.

SunDevilSource.com: You were committed to Bobby Hurley and his staff at Buffalo and now are signed to Hurley at Arizona State. Was playing for him the biggest deciding factor in your recruitment?

Maurice O'Field: "I think it was the biggest factor. I like coach Hurley a lot. His coaching style fits exactly how I play. Get up and down, rebound, use my athleticism. He's a players' coach and he allows his players to play with extreme confidence."

SunDevilSource.com: So was this an easy decision then?

O'Field: "To me it was a no brainer. I committed to Buffalo and just to follow coach Hurley and have an opportunity to play for him at a higher level is icing on the cake."

SunDevilSource.com: So to be able to play at an even higher level league than Buffalo like the Pac-12, was that something you saw as an added bonus?

O'Field: "I feel like it's a blessing. Arizona State is a great place, the scenery is nice, it's a Pac-12, the biggest school in the country. Who wouldn't feel blessed to play at Arizona State, it's a great opportunity."

SunDevilSource.com: What did you take from the official visit to ASU and what you were able to see and learn there?

O'Field: "Mostly it was the scenery, just being there for the next three years playing basketball, going to a good school and getting a great education. It's a complete and total package."

SunDevilSource.com: "You played at Midland as a freshman and will have three years left to play at ASU. What led to you being able to have three years left?

O'Field: "I did what's called a Prop 48 at East Tennessee State my first year which is basically you have to pay your own way and can't be part of the team or anything but then when you get 24 credit hours after your first year of school you can go on scholarship and have your four years left to play.

SunDevilSource.com: So why did you decide to leave and go to junior college?

O'Field: "I loved ETSU, it was a great place, but as I was watching basketball in my dorm room I felt I could play at a high level and what I'd worked for all my life was to play at a school like Arizona State. So I left to chase the dream and it all worked out for me."

SunDevilSource.com: So were you recruited at a higher level in high school before it became clear you weren't going to qualify?

O'Field: "In my early high school years up to my junior year I was recruited by West Virginia, Cincinnati, Georgia Tech, a bunch of schools. Once they realized my academic situation they all backed off. East Tennessee State was a low major school that wanted good players so they helped me out a lot making things work and I appreciate that a lot but I felt like I wanted to do something for my best future so I did."

SunDevilSource.com: "Who else was recruiting you before you committed to ASU?

O'Field: "Gonzaga was a lot, Marquette, Maryland, Louisiana Tech and Buffalo.

SunDevilSource.com: What was it about Hurley that resonated with you enough to commit to him at Buffalo and then want to follow him to ASU over going a different route at either point?

O'Field: "When I met coach Hurley and I started talking with coach Hurley, he's probably the youngest coach of all the coaches recruiting me. He's a players' coach, his style, his background, everything he's been through, he's an experienced guy that I think I can learn the most from. He believed in me just as much as I believe in him as far as getting me to where I want to be as a basketball player."

SunDevilSource.com: How would you describe your game, who do you look up to or who do people compare you to, what's your approach as a player?

O'Field: "Guys I watched in college that I watch play in the pros, what I do on the court now is draw fouls, attack the defense, really want to put the whole game in a situation where we can win it ourselves offensively. I've watched (Chicago Bulls standout) Jimmy Butler, the way he defends and hits open shots and is active and then (former ASU player and current Houston Rocket star) James Harden, the way he drives to the rim and be as physical as he is with other guards and I try to put that together and mix it to be who I am."

SunDevilSource.com: How have you evolved as a player or in terms of your approach to the game or matured as a player or person as you've gotten older?

O'Field: "In high school I used my athleticism. I was always 6-foot-5 and strong and used that to propel me but when I got to junior college I realized I had to have a skill set of something and I worked on it, worked on it, worked on it and it paid of. I've always had the tools to do it and now I'm doing it and coach Hurley is going to allow me to do that at a high level."

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