ASU will be there to end with Domann

Colorado linebacker JoJo Domann helped Pine Creek to a 14-0 record and state title last season and is considering Arizona State among his top college options after a visit to the school Tuesday.

JoJo Domann has been to the Grand Canyon State a number of times but never stepped foot on Arizona State's campus until Tuesday.

The 6-foot-1, 204 pound outside linebacker from Pine Creek High School in Colorado Spring, Colo., decided to change that and is glad he did.

Domann has family in the Phoenix-area, with two second cousins who currently attend ASU, and they picked him up at the airport and delivered him to the athletics complex after a quick lunch.

"We are out in Arizona quite a bit," Domann said. "We've spent a lot of time out there. I've been there for the Super Bowl, Cardinals game, soccer tournaments, family vacations, summer trips. They're (Arizona family) a big part of my life. It would be a factor just because the support would be there and more family friends in Arizona. That definitely would be a bonus."

Last season Domann had 797 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns on 49 catches and 205 yards with one touchdown on 19 carries on offense, and 61 tackles on defense with seven interceptions and two forced fumbles. Pine Creek went 14-0 and won a state title and Domann was arguably its most valuable player.

ASU and others saw value in Domann as a prospect and he now claims offers from the Sun Devils as well as Cal, Colorado, Kansas State, North Carolina, Virginia, Air Force, Colorado State, Nevada, Utah State and Wyoming.

The Sun Devils figure to be there until the end of the process. Domann said he'll visit the school again and it is certainly among his current favorite schools.

"I'll be committing in July or maybe August depending on what happens," Domann said. "I'm not having a Top-5 list or something like that. I'm just going to take visits to the schools I'm interested in and then take another visit to the top two or three I have before making a decision. That's really it, it's pretty simply.

"I will be going to ASU again before I make my decision. I'm going to visit Kansas State this weekend. Nebraska, Penn State, Virginia, Cal, Stanford, Michigan, those are some of the other schools I might visit. It depends on how much interest and what happens here in the next couple weeks or so. I'm still trying to determine where I'll visit.

During his afternoon at ASU, Domann said most of the staff including his individual recruiter Chip Long was out recruiting, but head coaches aren't able to make spring evaluation visits, so Todd Graham was on campus and that led to an extended conversation between the two.

"They showed me around the campus and I really liked he campus and the dorms are really nice so that was a plus," Domann said. "They obviously showed me around the football offices, weight room, training room, protein bar and since they're getting all new facilities it won't really matter but it's still pretty nice. But the new facilities will be pretty off the charts.

"We were in coach Graham's office for a long time just talking to him and I love his philosophy, love how he coaches. My cousins said everyone loves him and after meeting with him I understand why. They're a lot like my high school team in which they are out there with their goals. They don't care if anyone makes fun of the goals. Our last year two years we've been saying we're going to win a state championships and that's what we've done and they've been saying they're going to win a national championship, and that's the mentality you have to have to accomplish those goals. That's really cool they are striving so high because they believe they have the talent and coaching to do it."

Domann said from what he's gathered so far, the ASU defense is appealing to him.

"I would say I fit extremely well into their defense," Domann said. "Their Spur position comes off the edge and blitzes a lot and also has to cover and make plays and last year they made a lot of turnovers and that's kind of my speciality. I'm going to hopefully get out there again to watch film but I'll be doing some research on my own but from what I've heard I fit pretty well in that Spur."

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