Butler has ASU in top three

Arizona State is battling several of the Pac-12's top academic reputation schools for the future services of a four-star cornerback, Treyjohn Butler, and representing itself well.

California cornerback Treyjohn Butler said he is prioritizing his future education in his recruitment and is interested in the Arizona State honors college program.

This week, the 5-foot-10, 185 pound four-star cornerback from Etiwanda High School in Etiwanda Calif., confirmed that his top three is comprised of Arizona State, Cal and Stanford.

Butler said ASU coaches informed him about Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University. After Butler did the research on Barrett, he put the Sun Devils in the top tier of schools on his list.

“A big factor that they understood in my process for this recruitment was not only where I’ll be playing at for the next couple year but where I will be receiving my education from and the type of education and the respect for that degree in the playing field,” Butler said. “They brought to my attention, which is what put them in my top three, is what the honors college at Arizona State and how well renowned, how respected that school is throughout the country.”

Butler said he is interested in studying mechanical engineering with a minor in humanitarianism in college and the honors college put ASU on the “same playing field” with Cal and Stanford when it comes to academics.

When it comes to football, Butler said he is interested in the Sun Devils because of the relationship he is building with safeties coach Chris Ball, his conversation with head coach Todd Graham and the Sun Devils’ defensive scheme.

The No. 273 overall recruit nationally and No. 4 cornerback prospect int the West, Butler said he has already traveled north to visit Cal and Stanford. He said he will head south to take a visit to ASU once the school year concludes in the next couple weeks.

He said he wants to see what the ASU coaches have been telling him about in person.

“I got this sense of expectation and an idea of everything that now this is all about really seeing it all in front of my eyes and being able to not only see it for myself but for my mom to see everything and get a chance to really get a feel for the school and sit down with the coaching staff in person and have a legit, personal conversation about the whole situation at hand and go from there,” Butler said.

Butler said he has spoken a lot with Ball. Like most recruits, Butler enjoys talking with Ball about other topics besides football.

Butler also said he had an “exciting” conversation with Todd Graham in which he was told it was a necessity for ASU to have him on its defense.

“For him, he was basically saying my role for him, being a physical corner, it allowed him to trust me in 1-on-1 situations, on an island by myself and another factor I could play in that situation and make a play on the ball as well,” Butler said.

Butler said he believes his skill set would fit well with the Sun Devils as well.

“When I think of Arizona State, I think of like a greater version and setting of what I’d be coming from,” Butler said. “I got a chance to play in a defense that was similar to the way they play and their style and dealing with the [defensive backs] coach and his knowledge and how much it would translate into my game was a big factor.”

Butler said this week that he is no longer taking a trip to Notre Dame. Besides the trip to ASU, he is planning to see Illinois, Northwestern and Utah.

Butler will be heading east, but said his top three schools in the West are still in the lead.

“My priority right now with the schools that I’ve dealt with and have offers from is my top three and then going from there and the schools after that, given that there are opportunities to be able to see all the different campuses and everything in person,” Butler said.

Butler said he does not have set dates in mind when he might cut his list down or make his commitment.

He said he might trim his list down if he is invited to the Nike Opening finals in July and he is thinking about announcing a commitment during August near the beginning of his high school season but has not made a decision yet.

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