Q&A: Four-star ASU commit Sam Cunliffe

Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach 6-foot-6 wing Sam Cunliffe recently was bumped to No. 97 overall nationally and No. 21 at the small forward position and committed to Arizona State Wednesday. He spoke with us about the decision.

Chris Karpman: Why did you commit to ASU?

Sam Cunliffe: "Coach Hurley."

Karpman: Had you been talking to him a lot since you visited (a week ago)?

Cunliffe: "Yeah, a lot. Like every other day probably."

Karpman: You're a Top-100 guy and his first high school commit. What led to this, so people can get a sense of recruiting under Hurley?

Cunliffe: "He's super genuine. He wasn't trying to come at me with everything I wanted to hear. He was straight up. Watching him work with his players, he's so hands on and knows what he's doing, it is really something to see."

Karpman: Why today?

Cunliffe: "It just felt right, felt like the time to do it. Like, I just wanted to get it done."

Karpman: What's it feel like to you now?

Cunliffe: "It feels great. I know where I'm going to school now. I'm all done with talking to coaches every day. I'm trying to get better and win a state championship with my high school and college championships."

Karpman: You're very versatile. People see 6-foot-6 and think maybe he's a small forward. But you can play there, the two, maybe some one. What was talked about there with ASU as far as the role?

Cunliffe: "He told me he wants to use me as all three positions, even if he's a smaller point guard maybe go post him up. My versatiliy and ability to do everything on the court stood out to him as far as rebound, defend, shoot and pass the ball. Being able to learn from him, he's one of the best point guards to play in college at Duke, maybe would have been a great point guard in the NBA if not or getting hurt. Being able to learn from him, it's a great opportunity."

Karpman: Are you totally shutting recruiting down now or will you still listen to other schools or what is the plan?

Cunliffe: "I really feel confident in my decision or I wouldn't have made it. But you never know what's going to happen, so it's hard to answer [a hypothetical]."

Karpman: You told me before you really connected well with Top-50 recruit Mario Kegler at Pangos All-American Camp and when you visited ASU together, and said you felt like you both could end up playing together in college. Do you still feel like that's a good possibility at ASU?

Cunliffe: "Yeah, I actually was just talking with him about 10 minutes ago. I think he might follow suit. It's a real possibility. I don't know what will happen but I think it definitely could happen soon."

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